H&H Radio: Vegan Ladyboss, Creating Change, & Investing in Conscious Products ft. Liz Dee

In this episode of Healthy & Hustling Radio, we learn about conscious entrepreneurship, supporting vegan brands and building community, and how to find your tribe of change-makers from featured guest Liz Dee. Liz is Co-President of Smarties Candy Company, makers of iconic Smarties candy rolls. She is CEO of Baleine & Bjorn Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in businesses creating solutions to outdated animal products, and founder of Vegan Ladyboss, a global community of organized, connected and empowered vegan women. Liz lives in NYC with her husband, Nick Garin, and their rescue dog, Sandy.

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Vegan Ladyboss Website IG: @veganladyboss

IG: @thelizdee IG:smarties

H&H Radio: Jaka Jamu, Clean Ingredients, Entrepreneurship with Caitlin Cummins and Kristina Vitullo

In this episode of Healthy & Hustling Radio, we hear from two best friends who decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship together and started the delicious drink and brand, Jaka Jamu. Jaka Jamu is not a juice, it’s a tonic! It’s a Turmeric & Tamarind based tonic that is low in calorie, carbs, & sugar.

Founders Kristina Vitullo and Caitlin Cummins share their brand story, their wellness journeys, and best tips for staying motivated and balanced in 2019.


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On that note, let’s hear from two ladies who have their shit together and are creating a delicious drink you’ll love, Kristina Vitullo and Caitlin Cummins of Jaka Jamu.

Website: jakajamu.com

IG: http://www.instagram.com/jakajamu



H&H Radio: 2019 Wellness, Cleansing, Motivation, & Brand Awareness ft. Gabriella Truglio

In this episode, Gabriella Truglio, founder of Tru Haus shares:

  • How she stays motivated and “resets” her wellness routine for 2019
  • How to stop caring what other people think and create your health routine intuitively
  • How she helps connect people, brands, and products through holistic wellness events
  • Her essential routines and hacks to feel her best + love her healthy lifestyle


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About Gabriella Truglio:

Gabriella is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has always had a passion for holistic wellbeing. Through her our struggles and journey of self-evaluation, she found that people needed a safe outlet to connect, learn &  grow. 

Thus TRU HAUS was born, an experiential marketing platform that brings together people, products and services through curated events. TRU HAUS educates and connects like-minded individuals with link-minded brands to foster community. It is also a place where Gabriella shares tips, recipes and advice that empower and inspire people to take control of their wellbeing through daily practices. 

IG: @IamtruhausWebsite: https://www.tru.haus/


H&H Radio: Babes Who Brunch Club, Mindset, Creating the Life You Want ft. Natalie Levy

In this episode, Natalie Levy (founder of Babes Who Brunch Club) shares:

  • How she helps women unlock their success, move past traumas, and create lives they want
  • How she brings health and wellness to the table for female entrepreneurs & hustlers
  • What you can expect from a Babes who Brunch Club event
  • Natalie’s own health and wellness journey, tips, routines, and hacks

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About Natalie Levy:

Natalie Levy is an Empowerment Coach and Online Business Mentor who works primarily with women. She is an NYU alumnus with a background in Human Development and Social Intervention, and a focus in women studies. Since launching her coaching business and working with women to boost their confidence and unlock their potential in life and business, Natalie noticed a trend where her clients desired more friendships with like-minded women. Natalie recognized that her own confidence and success was encouraged by the friendships and support in her life. Thus, Babes Who Brunch Club was born to connect women who might not otherwise connect, and support them in building the connections and confidence to live healthy lifestyles and pursue big dreams.

Natalie’s IG

Babes Who Brunch Club IG


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H&H Radio: Walder Wellness | Balanced Living + Healthy Eating Hacks ft. Carrie Walder MS RD

In this episode, Carrie Walder ( creator of @walderwellness ) shares her story and best balanced living hacks. You’ll learn:

  • How Carrie balances healthy living while creating her career and business
  • Pieces of Carrie’s health journey that empowered her to take control of her health & happiness
  • Best practices for balanced mindset, staying motivated, and learning how to eat to feel good
  • Common misconceptions or mistakes in the wellness world you might want to be aware of
  • Carrie’s favorite easy recipes & resources for those looking to upgrade their eating without stress

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About Carrie Walder, MS RD:

Carrie Walder, MS, RD, is a Registered Dietitian in both Canada and the United States. She completed her Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition at New York University prior to returning to her hometown of Vancouver to open her private practice. Carrie is passionate about sharing evidence-based nutrition advice, promoting healthy lifestyle change, and helping others foster positive relationships with food. She runs the Instagram account @walderwellness, where she shows how to use whole food ingredients in simple, yet creative ways to make healthy eating accessible, realistic, and delicious. 

IG: @walderwellness

Blog: walderwellness.com

Currently helping people by: serving private nutrition counseling clients. Link in her website to work with Carrie

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H&H Radio: Kale Me Maybe | Healthy Holistic Living Hacks ft. Carina Wolff

In this episode, Carina Wolff (AKA – Kale Me Maybe) shares her best hacks on healthy living, making killer recipes that taste good and are good for you, and how to stay motivated along the way on your health journey.


About Carina:

Carina Wolff is a health and wellness writer and food blogger based out of Los Angeles. She graduated from New York University with a degree in journalism and psychology. She writes for a number of websites, including Bustle, FabFitFun, Reader’s Digest, and more. She also runs a healthy food blog called Kale Me Maybe, where she develops clean-eating recipes.

Find Carina Here:

IG: Kalememaybe

Blog: www.kalememaybe.com

Shop Carina’s Cookbooks Here

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H&H Radio: Plant-Based @ Your Pace, Balanced Mindset, Vegan Brunch Club ft. Rechelle Abalos

In this episode, Holistic Health Coach Rechelle Abalos walks us though:

  • Her easiest hacks to make your health journey last,
  • How balanced thinking feeds your mental and physical health,
  • How plant-based foodies near NYC can ball out and brunch together
  • How to make healthy living easier no matter what your motivation looks like

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About Rechelle:

Rechelle Abalos is a Certified Health and Life Coach, a Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator and the creator of the blog Reinspired Living. She’s all about reinspiring people on what living a plant based life can do on a holistic scale.