SHEDDING LAYERS: Why You Need a Life Detox.

First things first, I love a good detox. 

There’s something SO therapeutic about cleansing. I’m also SO dramatic about cleansing, I’ll drink a glass of water and tell the world that I’m on my cleanse.

Most of you know I’m a big fan of cleansing with food – not crazy shakes or detoxes – REAL, clean, whole, unprocessed food that cleanses your body naturally and better than the fake sh*t.

What we DON’T remember is that there’s no point in cleansing your body all the time if you’re also not willing to throw the garbage out in your LIFE, too. 

This week, I’m eating super clean and basically going on a real food cleanse – I mapped out the whole week in my Weekly Health Planner – because I’ll be at the beach this weekend and want to feel as good as I can.

While I was getting ready for a week of healthy meals, clean snacks, you know the deal, I wanted to do something different this time that I always forget to include when I cleanse.

I wanted to do a LIFE detox at the same time. 

There’s so much noise out there: people, social media, foods, ideas, negative thinking in your own head… Sometimes it feels like you need to re-evaluate and make sure that alllllll of those things around you are getting you closer to YOUR. BEST. SELF.

Because if they’re not, you’re not your best self. You’re stuck, you’re unhappy, and you’re not who you are MEANT to be, whatever that is.

So even though I’m happy enough, I notice the noise and thought I’d show you guys a few ways I detox my life every once in a while…


We’ll talk about other people in a sec, but there’s no shot you can cut someone out of your life before you take a long, hard look at yourself first and notice where the B.S. is. That’s fair, right? Negative people/energy are all around, but the first thing you’re in control of is you.

Here’s what that looks like for me right now:

Where am I too hard on myself? Where am I too easy and making excuses for myself? Where am I not working hard enough? Where am I working TOO hard? Am I allowing negative people too close to me? Am I spending too much time doing things that are a waste of time? What am I scared of? What’s stopping me from acting the way I WANT to be acting?

For you, that could look similar. Cutting through and bringing awareness to YOUR unhelpful behaviors and thoughts is the first step. When you know what those are, you ask for help. You reframe. You take the first steps to change that thought or behavior.


Ahhhhhhh the energy suckers. I know for a fact that as soon as you read this, your very own list of energy suckers is going to come to mind. Who are they? How are they sucking your energy?

For me, here’s what it looks like when I’m in life detox mode:

I go on a week-long unfollowing spree. The reason it takes a week is because I start strong going down my social media and unfollowing people who I don’t speak to, don’t know, don’t care to see, or who give me bad energy. Bad vibes, make me feel bad, whatever you want to call it. But that gets boring after 25 minutes straight, so throughout the rest of the week, I make it a point to actively hit”unfollow” everytime something on my feed makes me think, “IDC”. “Who is this?” “Why tf am I following this person”, etc.

At the same time, I also go through the REAL life energy suckers. Am I spending too much of my good energy on friends who suck it out of me? Am I allowing people to take advantage of me? Am I judging, jealous, or comparing myself too much?

If someone else is an energy sucker to me, I either end the friendship and communicate that, or I’ll nicely just talk to them less, say “no” more, or whatever feels most comfortable/appropriate for me. Don’t be a d*ck, but protect your own energy. 


This just means I literally go through my apartment and get rid of things I don’t need. I did a HUGE de-clutter right before I moved so I am THRIVING on the fact that my apartment is pretty minimal and only contains things I use often right now.

For you, it’s probably the same. Maybe it’s a big clean, maybe you just reorganize. Make sure your space is something that makes you happy. 

BTW – there’s a whole chapter on this in the BossBabe Wellness Guide I wrote. It’s that important.

The last tips I have are on a less “get the garbage out” note and more on a positive note. Because duh, once you get rid of the bad stuff, you make room for the good stuff.


What the f does that mean, LUPE.

Relax, it’s not hard. 🙂 Here’s what I mean by reverse engineer your life:

When I say life detox, I mean we detox all the things that take you away from living your best life, right?

So when we do that, you need to make a plan of what your best life looks like and ONLY do what gets you closer to that. 

Write it out every day until it’s in your blood, seriously. Have a vision of what you want in a year, in 5 years. Whatever that looks like for you, however detailed you want it to be, stick to actions that will get you closer.

If eating healthy will get you the energy you need to hustle towards your dream job, eat healthy. If ending a relationship will make space for a GOOD one, end it. If working 2 jobs will get you the savings to invest in your own business, do that. 

I’m with you, too. Whether it was not buying clothing anymore so I could get my ebooks designed, or not going out sometimes so I could stay up and write content, it never felt like a sacrifice to me because it was necessary to becoming my best self.

So that’s why we do life detoxes. To clear the garbage, to figure out who we are, and to make room for the good stuff – our best selves. 

So that was a long one, you guys. I NEED TO KNOW if you’re going to life detox with me.

Give me some ideas? What are you guys going to get rid of to make room for your best selves?

XO – Lupe

Self-Control: We Need To Talk.

I’m a super easygoing person. I try to share everything I know in a fun way, an easy way, a positive way so that you guys can feel like getting the body & lifestyle you want is doable AF.

BUT… every good coach knows that sometimes we need tough love, a kick in the ass, something to give us that reality check so we can stop making excuses.

The other day, I was having a convo with the sweetest girl in the world (let’s call her Ashley) about how she was having a terrible time losing weight. Ashley always tried to eat better but there were times where she would say “screw it”, “I’ll start over tomorrow” because that pizza, those fries, those chips were just calling her name.

And then Ashley would feel bad about herself for a few days, hop back on the grind and be super disciplined for a few days, and then a wine night happened, or a meal out happened that made her tell everyone she “just wasn’t meant to lose this weight”.

So my girl Ashley has a lot going on, and there’s a lot of room to be nicer to herself…

but she also had the biggest crutch in the world.

And we’ve ALL used this crutch before to give ourselves a reason why we CAN’T reach that goal every time…

My old favorite line to say (and new worst nightmare line to hear): “I have no self-control”.

It’s the easiest thing to say when you’re about to do something unhealthy, or when you regret a choice you made. I just have no self-control.

But here’s the thing: you actually have a TON of self-control.

It’s just that when you make a choice you regret, you take the power away from yourself and put it on some self-control bullshit that makes you feel like you can’t help it.

I say this in the most loving way because I loooooooved saying this to myself, and for me, it was all about FEAR.

I was SCARED of truly reaching that healthy weight and hitting my goal because part of me was scared of NOT hitting it and looking like I failed. Ashley’s scared of missing out on foods she loves, so the self-control crutch helps her keep those foods into her life. If you say this, I’m sure you have your own little fears that are stopping you from going all in and building a lifestyle the healthy way.

So if you want to ditch the crutch, still enjoy what you love, and have the freedom to not be perfect, here’s what I told Ashley:

Remember that you ALWAYS have self-control. Even when you choose something unhealthy and crave things and listen to those cravings, you are CHOOSING to do so. In the moment, you want the food and you’re choosing it. So it’s self-control, it just gives you a result you don’t like.

You can slowly learn how to choose the healthy option if that’s what you want. Using future pacing (imagining how you’ll feel after eating X vs. X choice), making a specific plan on how you can pick something next time if your choice made you feel unhealthy or bloated, and just planning ahead before you’re in that situation (did you eat a nourishing lunch? did you drink water? etc).

You can still control the snacks, indulging, and treats. You can eat these things with ZERO guilt if you just decide that okay, this is an indulgence, I’m going to REALLY enjoy this, stop when I’m full, and move on with my healthy day.

Remember that this is a long game. Your health journey is going to last you for life, so enjoy it and be present. The more you take the power away from yourself and blame self-control, willpower, whatever, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Instead, just focus on what you ARE in control of, in this moment, and take it one step at a time.

So Ashley went ahead and decided to ditch the crutch, be a little nicer to herself when she has a learning moment, and she’s deciding to do what makes her FEEL good in the moment. Be like Ashley.

If this feels like you, and you want a REAL pep talk from someone who knows how to deliver the tough love with so much love, you’ll need to check out this episode of H&H Radio: Heal Your Relationship with Food. I promise.

So with that I’ll send you on your way, babes. Remember you have all the self-control in the world, you just need to give some of that power back to yourself.

XO – Lupe 

Was this the pep talk you needed? LMK.

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

HEY guys,

I just had the BEST time in Punta Cana last week and I had so many of you messaging me about what I was eating, if I was working out, etc. … I’m pumped to say that EVEN THOUGH we had buffet meals 3x/day, partied at the beach clubs, and slept in, I got the best of both worlds.

In the past, I saw vacations as this stressful thing that was unavoidable: “Everyone gains weight on vacation”…. Ever heard someone say that and just ACCEPT that their vacation was going to make them feel awful in the end?

Me too. In the past, I used to overeat, not exercise, and then OF COURSE I felt terrible along the way because I was totally disregarding how I would feel. Luckily, after lots of work on myself, I easily ate what made me feel good, exercised when I felt like it, AND indulged on alll the foods & drinks I wanted to.

Here are the BEST tips I can give you around vacations – how to stay healthy, AND how to indulge without giving up at the end:

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  1. Picture how you WANT it to go. 

If you have NO idea how you WANT to act on vacation, imagine how hard it will be to stay healthy! On the other hand, if you think, “Okay I feel good when I have 1-2 drinks, okay I feel proud when I get up and walk on the beach in the morning”, you’ll start to piece together that vision for how you’ll act and you’ll be MORE likely to make it happen.

2. Get a good start to each day. 

You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn on vacation, but when you DO wake up, make sure you’re choosing to make a few choices that get you motivated to start the day in a way that feels good. Maybe it’s a stretch. Maybe it’s grabbing a fruit plate first thing when you get to the restaurant. Whatever that means for YOU – decide how a successful vacation morning will go before you get up.

3. Have a flexible plan when you go out to eat.

What this means is, have ONE part of your plan be 100% necessary to stick to, and leave the rest open for flexibility. Some examples of this are: “I’ll feel good about my meal if there are veggies on half of my plate.” “I’ll feel good about my meal if I stop when I’m at like 70% fullness and take the rest to the room.” “I’ll feel good if I order a water in between drinks.” See how there’s ONE strong rule, but then the rest is totally up to you and what’s on the menu?

4. Don’t spiral. 

If you make an unhealthy choice, don’t use that as an excuse to say, “screw it”, and keep going. Don’t say that. If you make an unhealthy choice, enjoy it, OWN it, and then for your NEXT choice, pick something that will make you proud.

5. Move and don’t force it. 

You can swim, you can walk on the beach, you can stretch when you wake up, you can check out your hotel’s gym. There are SO many options and I guarantee that if you make a small effort to move on vacation, you’ll be 100X more likely to feel satisfied and proud of the rest of your choices throughout the day.

6. Portions are your friend. 

You can totally try new exotic foods, treat yourself, and care less about WHAT you eat when you’re on vacation. You can also make sure you eat it slowly, stop before you’re full, and eat mindfully so that you don’t OVEREAT. Smaller portions have much less of an effect on bloating, energy, and your overall feelings about a meal if you know you owned it and were super mindful while treating yourself.

I hope these help you prep for your next vacations, babes!

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Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

How to Separate from Perfection

UGHHHH badass, ambitious women like you can be so easy to overwhelm.

I say this because I get it and sometimes the need to be perfect is crippling. 

Maybe you’re trying to look perfect and act confident, but there are some deep insecurities you’re feeling.

Maybe you’re trying to make your lifestyle seem like you’re loving it all but really, some things are weighing you down like bricks. 

Maybe you’re hustling and trying to make your career everything you’ve been dying for it to be, but some days you just want to cry and give up on it and never work again. 

Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier and really commit to a new routine, but your old habits creep back up on you and it makes you frustrated, confused, & pissed at yourself.

You’re in a cycle that many of us in your shoes are going through, too. We want it all, we want to be great, but sh*t gets HARD sometimes. 

Nowadays, everything is about your mindset, your fitness, your routines, your followers, oh….and happiness is the measure of success nowadays.

But what does that mean when we have body image issues, or anxiety, or compare to other people, or get discouraged, or just fail at something?

It means you can take a huge breath in right now and be thankful you’re a person (and know you’re not alone).

It’s NOT natural to be surrounded by constant images of perfection: perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect healthy routines and people who are confident & look like they have it all together.

It’s not natural, so it feels so awful to us sometimes when we feel like the only one who has some negativity or failure happening to us. 

The challenge here is taking this NON-natural environment we’re in (in social media land) and separating ourselves from the need to be perfect. But I have to warn you, it’s not something you do overnight.

Being authentic to yourself (going easy on yourself, celebrating what IS going well, growing from failures) is something you have to build every day. Accepting that there will be days where you have a mental breakdown and maybe you need to ask for help or slowly bounce back out of it. Accepting that your old habits WILL creep back in, but that’s something to celebrate because you have NEW ones growing to slowly take their place. Accepting that yes, other people look great and live amazing lives, but YOU are the only one that’s in your control.

When we feel the need to be perfect, we really crave control. But what you can do during those times where things suck is giving yourself a little bit of that control back… in a healthy way. But what does that look like?

When you have body image issues, it looks like asking yourself what you CAN do today to treat yourself well.

When you feel like an imposter acting like your life is perfect when it’s not, it looks like asking yourself where you can show more of who you truly are (because THAT will get you the real love in life).

When you feel like you’re overworked or overwhelmed, it looks like taking small but REAL actions to either delegate, ask for help, or move towards what you’d rather be doing.

When your old unhealthy habits start to creep back in, it looks like figuring out why you love those things so much and figuring out how to incorporate them into your lifestyle in a better way. (Here’s an example of that: When you start missing the gym and feeling “lazy”, it’s really because you LOVE giving yourself rest. A good way to get around that is by doing both: rewarding yourself with down time and rest AFTER your next workout).

And for all of these, it’s about asking where you’re being a bit too hard on yourself. 

So PLEASE, spend a few minutes every day making sure you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself, you’re celebrating the wins big time, and that you’re owning your failures because they’re getting you a little bit closer to who you’re meant to be.

If you need my help doing that, I’m all yours if you’re ready to join here as a VIP. We can taco’ bout whatever is going on and get you in a more positive direction if that’s what you need.

You’ve GOT this, girl. XOXO


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

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How to Stay Motivated Over the Weekend

Do you ever feel like you’re SO healthy during the week… and then “ruin it” on the weekend?

Going out to eat, exercising less, drinking, brunching... the whole 9 yards.

All of this is fun, but if you’re the kind of person who feels bad about all of this and then feels guilty when Monday starts, it can be a pretty harmful cycle to fall into.

We beat ourselves up on weekends sometimes because we expect our routines to stay the same, but if you do it right, you can enjoy yourself AND stay totally motivated all through Monday.

What if you did AMAZING over the weekend AND felt strong & motivated on a Monday?

Some of these tips are mental, some are real actions you can take for yourself so that if you’re trying to stay healthy, you never feel like you “ruined it” again:

  1. Stop expecting your weekend to look like your weekdays. You have SUCH a great routine on the weekdays, which is helpful for your motivation, but you’re setting yourself up for failure if you expect the weekends to look identical. Maybe you DO like to workout more on the weekends. Awesome. But if you’re juggling many events, people, places (oh… and sleep!), you need to start by giving yourself some flexibility in what you’re expecting it to look like.
  2. Get real. AFTER you give yourself a reality check and decide that weekends can be their own separate thing when it comes to eating healthy, decide what you DO want yours to look like. Maybe you don’t wake up at 7 for a run, but maybe you DO prepare a healthy brunch for yourself after you sleep in. Maybe you don’t make it to the gym when you’re hungover, but maybe you DO ask your friend to go on a nice walk with you on Sunday night. When you know what you want and are realistic, it’s easier to stick with your plan.
  3. Make it fun! Do you and your friends love brunching on Sundays? Do you go out to eat more on weekends? Awesome… Those fun things don’t need to throw you off from your healthy routine if you make them a PART of it. Check some menus for options YOU feel good about. Have a glass of water in between mimosas and walk around town afterwards.
  4. Pick physical activity that you truly enjoy. It doesn’t seem like a chore if you schedule your favorite workout class on a Sunday to recharge before a big week ahead. You probably don’t need to force yourself to walk around your town at sunset to catch up with one of your friends. “Exercise” on weekends can get a bad rep if you’re not used to it yet, but it just means you haven’t found what you LOVE. (For more ideas… use your Movement Menu in the Wellness Guide I wrote you!)
  5. Lastly, get rid of the idea that weekends=unhealthy. Sometimes we mentally set ourselves up for failure because we think the weekend makes us automatically throw our hard work off the table. If you let yourself enjoy the process and just do what makes you feel good on the weekends (just like I tell you to do on weekdays!!), you’ll have a much easier time.

You’ve GOT this!!

So with that, enjoy your weekend.

For extra help & motivation (think: guides, planners, downloads, health classes you can watch anytime….), be sure to join as a Healthy & Hustling VIP member to go on your health journey at your own pace.

So with that, enjoy your weekend.


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach