Losing Weight is a Long Game

I KNOW. If I could have gotten my dream body at the snap of my fingers, I would have.

The reality is that when I was losing 17 lbs, there were tears, struggles, confusing days, & of course times where I wanted to say “screw it”, and give up.

It also took about 6 months… and guess what?

The journey hasn’t stopped. Once you reach a healthy weight, you also have to work to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

But here’s the good news. If you accept that losing weight is a long game, you do it right.

This means in the future, you spend more of your energy maintaining & enjoying your new healthy lifestyle, not being confused on why you’re not seeing results.

If you’re trying to lose weight, I figured I’d share some of my most effective lessons I learned along the way (and also learned from the thousands of women I’ve helped to love their bodies and stop feeling stuck):

Get real.

Don’t buy into the sh*tty diet culture telling you it’s normal to see real results right away. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. When you factor this in with around 3-4 weeks of wiggle room to mess up and take your time, you can make a much more accurate estimate of what your progress can look like.

Your weight goes up and down no matter what the number on the scale is.

I had a “goal weight” for a long time and once I hit it, I thought I’d never see a higher number again. Truth is, my weight fluctuates allllll the time. I had weeks where I didn’t lose a pound, I had weeks where I lost 3-4, I gained 3-4,  I had DAYS where I’d see the number change based on what I ate, drank, and did. I also have coached thousands of people and saw THEIR weight loss graphs. All of the successful ones were full of bumps – it’s the downward pattern over time that matters. The people who let bumps and fluctuations throw them off quit and never saw results. Remember, it’s how you look and feel over time that matters more than the number.

If you’re not building a lifestyle out of it, WYD?

If you make ANY change to your eating, fitness, or routine, you’d better be willing to fall in love with it for life. It’s a waste of your time to try a new “plan” and eat foods you hate for quick results, just to go right back to the lifestyle you had before. You get to be creative and enjoy it if you focus on what makes you feel good.

Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s.

I love getting inspiration from other people, but every time I compared myself a little too much, I stopped feeling good in my journey. I actually became 1000X more confident just by deciding to focus on myself and what made me feel best. Beating myself up for not having someone else’s routine or not looking like someone else was only holding me back.

Eating Right > Fitness

Before the fitness lovers jump down my throat, hear me out. I’ve seen way too many poor girls work up a storm in the gym and not see a hint of progress if they haven’t improved their eating as well. And trust me, I was there too. I used to think some wild things about fitness: that I could “work off” something unhealthy, that I could “make up for it in the gym”, that I could burn x amount of calories and eat whatever I wanted. This was a great example of using rewards and punishments with food and fitness and it was not a healthy pattern. Instead, what I learned to do is make my healthy EATING come first and surprise… my time working out was put to WAY better use. I saw results, I hit my goals, I was actually energized enough to work out. This small shift has also worked for the girls I help. If you’re not sure where to start but are serious about making small, REAL changes to how you eat (without giving up the good stuff), use my step-by-step process to do it in a way that will last.

SO here’s the thing: losing weight can be a long game, but when you do it in a healthy way with a healthy mindset, your results lasting is the REAL long game. 

Have a killer weekend & tell me what you’d LOVE to see next on here…. Recipes or motivation? You LMK.

XO – Lupe

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How to Carry Yourself Like a Boss

Here’s the thing: most people think losing weight will bring them confidence and make them feel good about themselves.

Sure it can, but what happens when someone reaches their goal weight and still feels terrible?

They didn’t practice confidence FIRST.

I said it: confidence is a practice, not an end goal.

Most people have this backwards, they’re waiting for the next 10 lbs down, the next outfit, for the boy to like them.

But you and I know the deal. When confidence comes first, the body comes, the boy comes, the outfits look good, the job happens, the good FEELINGS about yourself come.

I didn’t get ANYTHING I wanted from life until I flipped the switch and stopped waiting for that self-esteem to come. ( + we DIVE into this right here: flipping the switch for a good mindset)

What will make me feel like I’m killing it?

Sometimes it’s ordering champagne on a random Tuesday. Sometimes it’s eating a salad for lunch because that’s what makes me feel confident. Sometimes it’s eating waffle fries cause they’re good for the soul. Running makes me feel like I did something hard that day. Sometimes it’s dressing differently than normal because I love how an outfit looks.

Surround yourself with winners.

If you let insecure people surround you all the time, their thoughts become yours. The friends who constantly put down how they look, the lazies, the people who aren’t ambitious, the people who eat like garbage but then spend the day talking about how “bad” they were, the people who don’t make YOU feel good. Their thoughts become yours.

Think about the winners you have access to – the people who carry themselves the way YOU want to. How do they talk about themselves? How do they eat? How do they indulge? What can you learn? PS: the people we admire have qualities WE ALREADY HAVE… you just have to act like it.

Noticing those people who are winning at life (confidence, great self-esteem, generous, happy) was a huge step for me. Some are in my family, some are my best friends, mentors, boyfriend, and my clients. Spend MORE time with them.

Think about that girl you WANT to become, the one with all the confidence… and then break down what she does in a day.

Don’t say “oh yeah, she eats healthy and works out and looks pretty and blah blah blah.”

Get specific. What are her favorite outfits? ONLY wear those. What does she like eating for breakfast? Eat that. How does she do her makeup? Go for it. How does she talk to people? Speak it. What does she like to do when life sucks? Let yourself do that.

My point is, being the person you want to be takes practice. You don’t just become that girl, you practice it every day and you get there every time.

So carry yourself like a boss this week and don’t worry about the rest. Nobody has it together because it’s all practice.

If you’re fired up and ready for the next step, you’ll probably want to eat like a boss too.

Eat my favorite meals with me this week and add whatever you want to them – it’s your life and I’m just here to help you feel good.

XO – Lupe

PS: I may or not be adding a MEAL PLAN for VIP members soon. Be the first to know about it by joining the waitlist.

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Cheat Sheet for a Killer Monday

It’s about damn time.

Idk if you’re a scatter-brained person like me, but when I wake up on a Monday, I either feel SO lazy and can’t drag myself out of bed… OR, I feel the stress rush through my body and start thinking of allll the sh*t I have to do that day. 

Oh, & that’s just work – there’s still working out, eating well, checking in on people I love, time for myself, you know the deal.

BUT… I’m dramatic, and chances are you might be, too. 

I said it! We’re dramatic about Mondays because the reality is that we’ve GOT it, we just need to chill out and take it one step at a time.

I’ve made a few moves to get sh*t done on Mondays. Not just get sh*t done, but do it in a GREAT mood and feel my best along the way.

So why not spill the deets for my H&H fam?

Long story short, if I’m doing these things on Monday, I’ll call it a good one. Go easy on yourself & get sh*t done the smart way:

The to-do list only matters if you DO it. 

Over-achievers love a good to-do list. Over-achievers can also look at that list and get overwhelmed, procrastinate, NOT do half of it, and then beat themselves up after. Guiltyyyyy.

SO, take that to-do list and prioritize it. Here’s how I break mine down: I get my top 3 things done before answering any messages, checking emails, or stopping for a work break. Those are the essentials. THEN, I’m motivated from getting my top items done, which helps me focus better later with less overwhelm.

Batch your TIME.

You’ve heard hundreds of people say this, but have you started yet? Time batching takes practice. You don’t have to have your whole schedule down to the minutes, I don’t.

You start with an hour here and there. This hour is ONLY for answering emails and then I don’t touch them. You batch your workouts. During these 20 minutes, my phone’s away and I’m sweating. You set an hour aside ONLY for calling your family bc work/life balance. After dinner, I’m not watching TV until I catch up with ___. 

Eat for energy.

It’s all in here. 

Narrate your day the right way. 

You know the voice in your head that’s your own personal narrator? They can be hard on you sometimes. You don’t need to be a machine all day, AND you don’t need to beat yourself up if you don’t make it to the workout, or if you didn’t get alllll your sh*t done. Better to be ambitious, right?

Changing the way I talk to myself is one of the biggest changes I’ve made to the way I start my week and go through it. Focusing on the wins, focusing on what I DID do well, focusing on enjoying the day just as hard as I’m working.

Here’s the thing: my list for a killer Monday isn’t long, and yours doesn’t need to be. 

If you’re being easy on yourself when your goals are ambitious, if you’re practicing balance, if you’re doing as much as you can to feel good, you’re going to be juuuuuuuust fine.


Enjoy your Monday and if you need more:

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XO – Lupe

Chill Out: How to Quiet the Noise in your Head | Anxiety Hacks

Anxiety sucks, there’s no question about it. We can’t always control what causes it or how it affects us, but  we CAN take small actions to help us be proactive + take care of ourselves.

I’m a naturally extremely anxious person, but I’ve also built my lifestyle around being PROACTIVE and doing what I can to be happy, calm, and positive.

My best tips I’ve learned so far are right here for when I need to quiet the noise in my head:

Ground yourself.

Anxiety (most of the time) can come from either worrying about the future OR ruminating about something that’s already happened. Maybe it’s feeling like you’re not good enough, you weren’t good enough, you won’t BE good enough. Maybe it’s just a feeling.

Maybe something is happening to you or around you. Whatever it is, one thing you’re always in control of is grounding yourself: all that means is you can re-connect to the present moment and remember that you’re OK right now.

For me, I’ll either put my hand on my heart which feels calming to me, I’ll breathe deeply for a minute, or I’ll do sensory grounding. That means I’ll look around and say to myself, I’m in my apartment. I’m healthy right now. Everyone around me is okay, everything is paid for, the weather is great outside. Basically, noticing things I KNOW are true in the moment so that I can ground and feel like in the moment, I’m actually ok.

Let it out.

Sometimes ya need to vent. Or let it out. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone if you can just vent for a few, or writing down what’s bothering you. Sometimes letting it out means letting the energy out, like going for a run or a walk.

One thing that helps me alll the time is to write down every last thing that’s bothering me. There’s something about seeing it all on paper that helps me separate from it and THEN go down the list and see where I can make a real change.

Most of you are reading this blog because you care about being healthy & improving your relationship with food. Sometimes we turn to food when we’re emotional or want to mask our emotions, so I’ll leave this resource here if you struggle with that. I designed prompts to help you work through emotional cravings or feeling like you want to mask emotions with food.

Notice your self-talk.

The way you talk to yourself MATTERS. You’re your own narrator through life, right? The voice in your head can be super negative sometimes, but ANYONE can practice making the positive part a little bit stronger every day.

We’re ALL hard on ourselves sometimes, but there are some easy ways to notice that negative self-talk and turn it around in a realistic way. Nobody breaks this down better than my friend Lauren Frontiera on our episode about mental health + changing the way you talk to yourself. I could write a book on this, but just listen. I promise.

Change your environment.

This one can be as serious or as easy as YOU want it to be. When you’re anxious, changing your environment can give you that sense of control back (and anxiety can sometimes come from feeling OUT of control).

It could be cleaning your room. It could be putting on noise cancelling headphones, taking the day off, and sleeping to recharge.

You could give yourself a Life Detox (full breakdown here),  you could spend extra time with high energy people to re-inspire you, you could switch something around in the way you eat in order to feel better.

Eat something good.

Eating for good mental health is one of the most underrated things you can do for yourself. Changing how I ate has done wonders for my mental health and I couldn’t be happier that I committed to just trying to eat what made me feel good.

Something I look forward to at least 5 days a week is the salad I eat every day. Something about it boosts my mood and makes me feel REALLY good inside and out for hours on end. I don’t eat this because I’m trying to lose weight, I eat it because I feel incredible afterwards and food should do that for you.

When I created the H&H Recipe Ebook, I specifically designed the morning meals to include essential nutrients for good mental health (like omega-3’s), a positive mood (like magnesium), and delicious but CLEAN ingredients so that you start your day off with a burst of good energy. I still eat these daily, check them out.

Listen to something inspiring.

This could be music, this could be a podcast, this could be an audiobook, whatever. I find that if you specifically have someone else’s voice in your head, it helps you take a step back and get out of your own for a bit. I’ve been loving podcasts (I think it’s because I started mine and I want to get better), but listening to podcasts while walking has actually helped me almost double my daily steps per day.

I’m bored less, and it’s a great way to calm down when I’m anxious. For a health pep talk to get you into a better mood and to be less hard on yourself, I recommend this episode.

Ask for help.

There’s nothing better to do for yourself than to ask someone qualified or close to you for help. Learning to ask for help when you’re anxious or stressed is key and it’s important to tell the person you’re asking exactly what you need. 

Sometimes you can ask the person to hear you vent. Sometimes you can ask them what you should do, or if they can do something to help you. Sometimes it gets to a point where you need to talk to a therapist, which is great because you’re choosing to let somebody who’s trained to help you, help you.

Whatever works for you, it’s better to ask for help than wonder if you’re in your thoughts alone.

Check out natural remedies. 

Natural remedies for anxiety aren’t always effective or better for you than medication and/or therapy depending on the person, but I’m lucky enough to have found some that either help me PREVENT anxiety, or help me handle it better.

Some natural remedies are simple & you can add them to your environment. I love using an oil diffuser to get essential oils all over the house and room. My favorite scent EVER is a mix called Stress Away because it literally makes me feel happy when I smell it. I go through it way too quickly because I’d love to have it diffusing in my room and on my wrists to smell when I need it. Lavender is the most widely-known anti-stress scent when it comes to essential oils.

Green tea is also a great way to relax your mind and system. People are asking me about CBD oils/supplements as well, but I haven’t tried them yet. From what I’ve researched, I’m all about it if the brand is right: ask your doctor, make sure the dosage is right for you, and start small because everyone reacts to things differently. I’ll keep you guys posted when I try because it’s on the list.

The thing I AM trying right now is called Ashwagandha. Someone close to me saw amaaaazing results from using these in a high stress lifestyle and after seeing the change, I wanted to try for myself. I can’t officially recommend because I just started, but so far so good. It feels like a subtle difference in your body – you relax, you still might think anxious thoughts, but your body doesn’t take those thoughts and run. It just alleviates my body’s response to stress and makes my mood happier and stable. All natural ingredients, too. If you want to hear more after I’ve tried these longer, LMK.


Your body WANTS to release endorphins. Your mood elevates, your heart is super active, your brain activates on a higher level which improves your mood, logic, and function. All of these things are essential to your mental health. Your brain activity elevates when you stretch if that’s all you have time for, what matters is that you make the effort to do something good for your body.

So you’re not alone, lil angels. 

I learn so much from you so I neeeed to know what I’m missing here. Have an anxiety hack I don’t know about? LMK below. I hope these help you out.

XO – Lupe

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Make It Happen: 8 Ways to Kill it on a Monday

Happy Monday babes, let’s get right to it.

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE feeling like you started the week on a healthy note. Mondays are usually when our motivation is highest, so why not ride it out and set the tone for the rest of your week?

Maybe you’re motivated to really commit to healthier eating this week. Maybe you’re motivated to make it to the workouts you have planned. Maybe you want to stick with making choices that are going to get you closer to that version of you that you always think about.

The ONLY 2 things that will get you there are ACTION + CONSISTENCY. 

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes if you’re taking small actions for yourself, and you’re taking them as many days in a row as you can. That goes for weight loss, toning, fitness, happiness, career, mental health, you name it. (More on action & staying motivated here)

SO, if you need a little inspo on this Monday, let me tell you my favorite ways to mix & match REAL healthy actions for myself to start the week off right:

Decide on your morning mantra.

You get to decide whether it’s going to be a good day or not. Even on my WORST mornings – let’s say I wake up sick, or maybe I couldn’t sleep – I know that I’m in control of how my attitude goes. You can either go through your morning and make the effort to notice all the GOOD things going on, or you can complain and say you started off on the wrong note. I know which choice sounds better to me. Sometimes I like listening to meditations in the morning and practicing affirmations or mantras that keep me in a good mood the more I say them. “Today’s a good day”, “Good energy is everywhere”, “I”m thankful for ___”.

Fuel (and nourish).

There’s a CLEAR difference for me when I wake up and decide to nourish my body vs. when I wake up and decide to have junk in the morning. The key here is to make sure you actually like the food you’re nourishing yourself with. I know I say this in every blog, but I’ll say it over and over until we stop thinking that healthy = boring or not delicious. I know my favorite fruits & tastes that get me excited to eat healthy, so I incorporate them into most of my breakfasts and get creative from there. Smoothies, scrambles, toasts with the best toppings, I always make sure it’s tasty AND packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, plant protein, healthy fats, and some sweet natural sugar.

+ 30 easy healthy recipes to fuel & nourish your body here

Pick your 7 things

I must have heard this tip a hundred times from everyone I want to be like in life: great entrepreneurs, coaches, people who are living their best lives. SO many of them go by this tip every day and you can too, no matter what you’re doing in life. Here’s how it’s done: you pick the TOP 7 things each day that will get you closer to your goal (whether that’s in health or work or anything) and you make those 7 things your priority. They come before anything else in your day. Even better if you number them in the order of how important they are to you. This becomes your to-do list for the day. Instead of using my work example, I’ll show you how I would use this for a day where I want to be as healthy as I can: 1. Run in the morning for 20 minutes. 2. Make a healthy breakfast of a favorite smoothie. 3. Stretch & do a quick Youtube workout in between work tasks before lunch. 3. Make a plant-protein filled salad for lunch & prep healthy snacks for the afternoon. 4. Go for a walk + listen to a podcast. 5. Pick a dinner option that will leave me feeling light & use a food I can get excited about. 6. Stop doing work-related things after 7pm to keep my stress levels down. 7. Set an alarm and get ready for bed by 10pm.

Take ACTION on the top 3 before you take a break

If you want to feel like you’re killing it even MORE on a Monday, try this. Whatever the top 3 things are for you on your list, power through them as early as you can in the day. This way, by nighttime, you can look back & say you DID complete the most important parts of your day early on. Taking ACTION is what keeps us motivated. When you take 3 powerful actions for yourself first thing in the morning, it snowballs into healthier choices all day.

Learn something that will push you forward.

If I don’t learn something NEW each day, I feel like a dud. I feel stuck and I feel uninspired. Lately for me, I’ve been listening to podcasts to get that learning in if I’m on a walk or doing boring things at home like cleaning. Right now, my favorites are The Skinny Confidential (health & living your best life), the Angie Lee Show (marketing + authenticity in business), Gary Vee (bc he’s the best) and Tony Robbins (bc he is also the best). Oh, and I guess if you want to check out Healthy & Hustling Radio you’d learn something new about health & motivation too ;).

Do something nice.

Not for yourself, even though we like that too. I have a strong belief that if you go through a day without making someone ELSE’s life better, you wasted your day. You can do things for yourself all day long, but there’s no point unless you can take all of that good energy and bring it to someone else. I try to do this through this blog and give you guys tips for free, or helping people who reach out to me on Instagram, or creating something new for my VIP’s. Of course, there are chances to do something nice outside of my business too and the more I do, the better day I have. You could even put this one in your top 7.


In my opinion, the chances of you having a killer Monday are 1000000% better if you can sweat. Not only will you release endorphins that improve your mood, but you feel accomplished, you feel energized, AND you snowball healthy choices for the rest of the day. Meaning that you’re increasing the chances that you feel good ALL day long. I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes or an hour, MAKE the time to sweat at some point today. It’s easy to go through the day and say you don’t have time, but you do. You might just need to re-think your priorities and shuffle them around until sweating gets the effort you deserve.


You can have the BEST day ever, but if you don’t take the time to acknowledge how great things are going, what’s the point? You can make all the healthy choices in a day, but if you don’t make an effort to celebrate your wins, you won’t feel like you’re making progress. You can make it to the workout, make the healthy meal, whatever, but if you’re constantly worrying about the NEXT thing, you won’t feel motivated at all. Anytime you do something good for yourself, or if something great happens to you, ride it out! Let yourself feel motivated + inspired to keep the good vibes going. Oh, and if you’re having a shitty day, gratitude is your best friend. It’s even MORE important to use gratitude to get through a bad day than it is on a good day. So if you haven’t practiced gratitude today, wyd?

SO there you have it, no excuses today.

If you’re committed to starting your week on a killer note, mix & match these easy ways to make it happen.

OH, and if you need a pep talk on your way home from work before the gym, check out this one with my favorite life coach where we cut the BS and show you how to stay motivated & killing it. Happy Monday, babes!

XO – Lupe

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4 Ways a Badass Pulls Herself Back Up

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that “once _____ happens, I’ll be happy.”

Once he likes me, I’ll be happy. Once I make X amount of money, I’ll be happy. Once I lose 10 lbs, I’ll be happy. Once I start over on Monday, I’ll feel good about myself.

Ever do this to yourself? We do it all the time. I’m the first to admit it and it’s pretty natural to place your happiness on something you think will give it to you.

But here’s what happens: You get the guy and you’re not happy yet. You lose the weight and aren’t happy yet. You get the dream job and aren’t happy yet.

OR, EVEN WORSE: You don’t get the guy. You don’t lose the weight. You don’t get the job. And you’re still not happy.

OMG Lupe why are you making me cry in the club rn.

I promise this little intro is all for a reason. If you’re trying to be a badass person who messes up, bounces back, and hits her goals…because a badass is not perfect, she just knows how to bounce back…

You need to remember that happiness is a practice, not an end goal.

Meaning that you have to learn how to bounce back and pull yourself up from the big stuff and the little stuff.

THINK ABOUT IT: How many times a day do little things happen? No day is perfect and we learn how to pull ourselves up hundreds of times a day.

When you learn how to pull yourself up from a bad situation (big OR small), you’ve mastered the art of PRACTICING happiness.

This means that you’re not waiting for the guy, the body, the job. You’re learning to be happy in the moment and THAT is what attracts all the other good things in your life.

Here’s my playbook for bouncing back like a badass – in anything:

LET IT SIT FOR A SEC. Don’t mask your emotions, don’t bury them. Let yourself understand what’s going on and get a cry in if you need to. Address it, don’t bury it. (more on masking emotions in the podcast dropping this week). When you let things sit, you can allow yourself to FEEL and then make a conscious choice to move on and take your next step.

DECIDE HOW YOU WANT THINGS TO GO. Have you ever had something terrible happen and just not know what would happen next? Clarity = healing. Healthy mindset = deciding to be okay in the end. For me, this usually looks like deciding then and there that how I want it to is that I end up okay. Bad day? I decide that in the end, I want to be okay. Fight? I decide I want to be okay no matter how it turns out. Feeling insecure? I decide I’m going to be okay.

PUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. My friend Lauren gave the BEST advice (podcast coming this week) on something you can do anytime, anywhere when it comes to taking control back in a terrible situation. If something happens that’s a small thing (like your train gets delayed), you do what you need to to avoid it trickling into your attitude for the rest of the day. If something BIG happens (a breakup, a personal loss), you do what you need to in that moment to take care of your mental health. A deep breath, a therapist, someone you love.

PICK THE ONE THING. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves when things get bad and don’t actually end up doing anything about it. My best advice here is to pick the ONE thing you’re in control of in the moment, and do that. Don’t worry about the rest. Whenever I need to pull myself back up, I think of the ONE thing I can do for myself to get closer to a better place. Sometimes that’s taking a walk to clear my head, sometimes it’s crying and not touching my phone until I want to talk to people. Whatever works in the moment.

So if you take one thing away from this post, remember that being happy isn’t the end goal, it’s the thing you have to practice when the good stuff happens AND when the bad stuff happens. You have everything you need to pull yourself up like a badass even when you don’t feel like one.

It actually takes a lot out of me sometimes when I write posts like this because I still don’t have it all figured out. Would love your tips & hacks on staying on top of your game and keeping yourself up. Thanks for reading!

XO – Lupe

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