December Detox

Nope, it’s not a food detox.

Enjoy my 30 Day Guide to clearing negative space, cutting B.S., and making MORE room for your healthiest and most productive self.

Feel better and completely aligned with the lifestyle you deserve to have…

Are you ready to get your sh*t together in 2019?

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P.S. – if you DO want a food detox (AKA simply enjoying pure, natural, delicious healthy food), check out the Eating for Abs Meal Plan, also available to Healthy & Hustling VIP members.

Eating for Abs BONUS: My Favorite FREE Ab Workouts

Hi babes, as mentioned in your Eating for Abs Meal Plan, I recommend doing a small ab workout daily. We all have 10 spare minutes in a day, and these free workouts will help you switch things up and see toning as you go. Here are my go-to’s:

Bloglates Perfect 10 Abs

Alo Yoga 10 Minute Abs

FitnessBlender Abs

Core HIIT Workout for Women

10 Minute Abs

Printable Ab Workout

25 Abdominal Moves 

Barre Abs

BodyFit Beginner Ab Workout

Have any favorites you’d love me to add to the list? LMK.

Best of luck, babes!

XO – Lupe