Are you ready to finally create that healthy lifestyle you’ve been dying to live?

AND learn how to treat yourself, indulge, mess up, and do it YOUR way?

Healthy habits can be tricky sometimes. We love the idea of eating healthy, working out, and feeling GREAT about ourselves…

But life can get in the way. We mess up, we want to give up, sometimes we don’t even know where to start.

What if you could create your own healthy lifestyle… step by step… at YOUR own pace?

Where YOU get to decide which information is right for you and learn how to do it while STILL eating things you love?

AND… What if you had a health coach showing you the way?

I’ve created a solution for the incredible & ambitious women who can’t wait to kick start their healthier living, the right way.

Join us as a Healthy & Hustling VIP member to access:

  • Monthly health coaching classes to help you reach ANY health & lifestyle goal… at your own pace.
    • Topics will include: How to Eat (More) Plant-Based (already up on the site!), Healthy Weight 101, How to Stay Confident, How to Manage Stress… More will be announced shortly!
  • Monthly downloadable guides to go with each class
  • Access to secret Facebook group where you can access your health coach, Lupe Colangelo, CHC to ask questions, stay motivated, share recipes and ideas, and connect with like-minded awesome ambitious women
  • Exclusive health & lifestyle content for members only

LIMITED TIME OFFER: $10 for your first month’s membership! Then $17 monthly…

(My 1:1 coaching clients invest over $499/month! You can access the same content HERE at an investment that works for you.)

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Meet Your Coach:

Lupe Colangelo, CHC

  • Coached thousands of awesome women through healthy weight loss, healthier eating, confidence building, energy
  • Author of #BOSSBABE Wellness Guide
  • Author of Healthy & Hustling Recipe eBook
  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University
  • Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute
  • Certified Life Coach, Health Coach Institute
  • B.S. Psychology, Sociology

Hey, gorgeous! Welcome to Healthy & Hustling. I can’t wait to support your health goals with exclusive health & lifestyle classes and content designed to help you change the habits you want to.

Whether it’s weight loss, energy, stress, confidence, or just living your best life, I’m trained to help you master the habit changes you need to make it happen.

I’m SO excited to also offer my secret Facebook group as an additional bonus to members only. This gives you the chance to access me as a health coach, ask questions, share recipes/ideas, and more.

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