So… What’s included in the Eating for Abs Meal Plan?

7 Day Meal Plan, Recipes, Snack Menu for REAL Results…

Easy Tips, Tricks, & Hacks for Success (without giving up what you love)…

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I’m Your Coach

Hi gorgeous! Lupe here. I want to start off by
thanking you for taking a huge step towards your
healthiest self and a lifestyle you love.

I specialize in helping busy women beat bloating, reach their
healthiest weight, eat more REAL food, and build
their confidence along the way so they can love how
they look and feel.

If that’s you, welcome to the
Eating for Abs Meal Plan, designed to kickstart your
body’s ability to detox itself, beat inflammation, and
show you how to eat for the body you want.

I’ve helped thousands of women achieve real results &
I’m proud to welcome you to the Healthy & Hustling family.

So… Will you let me help you LOVE how you look and feel?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Finally get clear on what to eat, HOW to make it, and most importantly… make healthy taste good. 

  • Use REAL food to let your body naturally detox, reduce bloating, and decrease inflammation

  • See MAXIMUM results from the workouts you’re already doing

  • NO calorie counting, NO restriction, NO drastic changes to how you eat

  • Easy and FUN ways to eat for abs

  • Experience more energy, kickstart weight loss if that’s your goal, and finally do a meal plan you LOVE

  • No more confusion around not seeing results, not knowing what to eat, or feeling stuck in your habits.

OH… & Don’t worry. I tested this myself:

This meal plan is perfect for the girl who’s looking to get her eating into an awesome routine WITHOUT restriction. 

The REAL food ingredients in this plan support your muscle toning, reduction of bloating, and energy levels.

Are you ready to try something new to see the results you DESERVE to have?