vegan caesar pasta salad

Caesar Pasta Salad

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vegan caesar pasta salad

I’m obsessed with pasta salads ever since I discovered JUST caesar dressing. It’s totally dairy-free and vegan, tasting just as good… if not better… than the dressings I loved before eating plant-based.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 servings cooked veggie infused pasta
  • 3 tbsp JUST caesar dressing
  • 1 bowl rainbow chard, washed
  • salt, pepper to taste

Cook the pasta according to instructions and let cool. In the meantime, wash and cut rainbow chard (making sure to cut off the thick veins). You’ll be left with just the leaves, so chop them small so they are easier to eat. When the pasta is cooled, mix with the dressing and greens, seasoning with salt and pepper. This tastes best after you let refrigerate it for a day because the dressing makes the chard more and delicious. Enjoy! & don’t forget to follow @healthyandhustling on IG for more easy healthy vegan recipes.

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