H&H Radio: Jaka Jamu, Clean Ingredients, Entrepreneurship with Caitlin Cummins and Kristina Vitullo

In this episode of Healthy & Hustling Radio, we hear from two best friends who decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship together and started the delicious drink and brand, Jaka Jamu. Jaka Jamu is not a juice, it’s a tonic! It’s a Turmeric & Tamarind based tonic that is low in calorie, carbs, & sugar.

Founders Kristina Vitullo and Caitlin Cummins share their brand story, their wellness journeys, and best tips for staying motivated and balanced in 2019.


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On that note, let’s hear from two ladies who have their shit together and are creating a delicious drink you’ll love, Kristina Vitullo and Caitlin Cummins of Jaka Jamu.

Website: jakajamu.com

IG: www.instagram.com/jakajamu



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