H&H Radio: Babes Who Brunch Club, Mindset, Creating the Life You Want ft. Natalie Levy

In this episode, Natalie Levy (founder of Babes Who Brunch Club) shares:

  • How she helps women unlock their success, move past traumas, and create lives they want
  • How she brings health and wellness to the table for female entrepreneurs & hustlers
  • What you can expect from a Babes who Brunch Club event
  • Natalie’s own health and wellness journey, tips, routines, and hacks

Listen Here:

About Natalie Levy:

Natalie Levy is an Empowerment Coach and Online Business Mentor who works primarily with women. She is an NYU alumnus with a background in Human Development and Social Intervention, and a focus in women studies. Since launching her coaching business and working with women to boost their confidence and unlock their potential in life and business, Natalie noticed a trend where her clients desired more friendships with like-minded women. Natalie recognized that her own confidence and success was encouraged by the friendships and support in her life. Thus, Babes Who Brunch Club was born to connect women who might not otherwise connect, and support them in building the connections and confidence to live healthy lifestyles and pursue big dreams.

Natalie’s IG

Babes Who Brunch Club IG


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