DIY Falafel Bowl – Plant-Based Protein

I’m obsessed with Chopt’s mediterranean falafel bowl, so I decided to find a version I could make at home when I crave it. This combo is delicious, makes you energized after, and you can chop it all up and mix for a similar feel for the salads you can get at Chopt.

Why I love: This is full of plant-based protein from the falafels to the hummus, which is made from garbanzo beans. You’ll stay full with the healthy fat from the avocado and get antioxidants as well as your serving of greens from the cabbage and arugula.

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what to do:

Bake the falafels according to instructions. While they cook, arrange arugula, avocado, and hummus in a bowl. Chop the cabbage into almost a slaw size and let it quick pickle in the red wine vinegar with some salt and pepper. When the falafels are done, add to the bowl with the cabbage. Either eat as is or chop the falafels into small pieces and mix throughout the salad. Enjoy!


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