Spicy Potato Pambazo

Vegan Mexican Food: Spicy Potato Pambazo

Americanized Mexican food goes pretty heavy on the meat and cheese, but real Mexican food is based on so many plants and spices that you can make any plant-based meal taste delicious. One of my favorite places to eat is Talavera in NY: not only do they make every meal fresh, they can make any substitute you want if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

They’ve made me smoky mushroom tacos, swapped guac for cheese, but my favorite meal so far is this spicy potato pambazo (sandwich). The bread is spiced but not spicy, the potatoes are smoky and spicy, and avocado and lettuce are easy toppings instead of something cheesy.

Obviously this restaurant isn’t everywhere, but if you’re eating more plant-based and have a hard time at restaurants, this is a swap you can ask for or request at your favorite spots to let them know there’s a demand for vegan food!

Spicy Potato Pambazo

OH, and if you want to try making spicy potato tacos on your own, use my easy recipe from the Healthy & Hustling Recipe Ebook. 

See how DELISH they look:



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