Plant-Based @ Panera

I love helping you guys make healthy decisions that are still delish when you go out to eat. Eating plant-based at restaurants isn’t always easy, but it’s getting easier and easier now that there are so many of us making it happen with our dollars.

Panera is one of my favorite restaurants and I wanted to share my go-to vegan meal that I get almost every single time – all you need to do is ask for no cheese on both of these things and you’re in vegan heaven allll the way.


Order the You Pick Two & get these:

1/2 Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, 

1/2 Greek Salad with Quinoa, 

but here’s the thing – both come with cheese, so ask for NO cheese and you’re all set.

The salad is incredible – super filling because of the plant protein in the quinoa, the dressing is bomb, and it doesn’t feel like they just threw some veggies together. It’s delicious.

The sandwich is also to die for – I sometimes just get it by itself. They use jalapeno hummus instead of a dairy-based sauce which I love, and they include enough veggies that it feels like a complete sandwich (which I appreciate)… plus, the bread tastes like crack.

I should also mention that of course Panera has options that are already fully vegan – they have a lentil soup I love and a few salads that you can modify for easy vegan meals. They also have smoothies and fruit cups.

Let me know how you like these picks & PLEASE lmk where else you need vegan recommendations or swaps for – you know I love any excuse to go out to eat.



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