Cravings: Chicken Nuggets (Vegan)

The hardest part about going vegetarian and then vegan was thinking about all of the foods I LOVED that I would have to “give up” forever. As you probably see on IG though, I get to have all the pizza, burgers, & desserts I want thanks to brands that make vegan food taste better than the “original”… like the brand that makes these vegan chicken nuggets.

Do you guys want me to show more of those options on here even if they aren’t as “healthy”? LMK.

Anyway – these vegan chicken nuggets are made by Morningstar and I’m obsessed. They come in different flavors (these are BBQ) and they have the best kick to them and the same texture as regular chicken nuggets.

These are still processed food so I would only recommend eating them once in a while, but they are PERFECT for when I have those cravings for my old snacks like chicken nuggets. “Regular” chicken nuggets are also super processed. These are just a great way to transition closer to a plant-based way of eating and still know you can enjoy the snacks you crave without any animal products.

Do you guys want to see more of my vegan swaps for craving/comfort food along with healthier recipes, too?




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