strawberries & chocolate protein shake

Strawberries & Chocolate Protein Shake

99% of the time, you WON’T catch me drinking protein powder or making any sort of protein shake without relying on chia seeds, flax seeds, or nut butter as my protein.

99% of the time, protein powders are completely unnecessary when you’re already eating a whole food, plant-based diet.

However… once in a while I’ll be given or recommended a sample of plant-based protein powder and I’m happy to try them out if I like the ingredients.

In this case, I enjoyed a sample of this vegan chocolate protein powder and I figured I’d create an easy recipe for those of you who do drink protein shakes regularly.

strawberries & chocolate protein shake

This strawberries & chocolate protein shake is easy to make, simple, & keeps the ingredients at a minimum:

Here’s what you need:

Blend and serve cold!

Let me know how you like this recipe (and let me know which other products and favorite foods you’d love to see in a recipe).



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