H&H Radio: Side Hustle to 6 Figures, Conscious Entrepreneurship, Plants & Oils for Health ft. Regan Plekenpol

In this episode, Regan the Vegan walks us through:

  • How plant-based living and essential oils affected her (and her family’s) health journey
  • How she took her side hustle to six figures as a conscious entrepreneur
  • Her health hacks as a lifelong vegan, tips for biohacking, and living mindfully
  • How traveling and sustainability shaped her as an entrepreneur and wellness coach


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Regan Jayne, or ‘Regan the Vegan’, is a plant-based entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and life-long student. She is the co-founder of The ŌYL Collective and leads a team of conscious, heart-centered, industry-disrupting millennials on a mission to break out of the status-quo (which is status-no’) and live extraordinary lives. Growing up in Shanghai and around the world, she developed a deep appreciation for natural approaches to higher health and happiness. She studied human centered design and global health at Dartmouth College and founded her own wellness business shortly after graduation.

Regan believes that our natural state of being is vibrant, supernatural health and alignment — not modern dis-ease— but most people are not even aware of how good they are meant to feel. Her team has audacious goals to flip that “normal” on it’s head for good. Talk to her for more than 7 minutes and you’ll know that essential oils, optimism, and orphancare are her biggest passions and she jams out on helping others live a healthier, happier, more abundant life. Her latest project? A 501c3 that is dedicated to helping families finance adoptions from China, inspired by the adoption of her baby sister Kailin {a.k.a. the love of her life}.

To hang out with Regan online and learn more about what she’s up to:

Poke around my website: https://www.reganthevegan.life/about
Drop me a line: @reganthevegan_ or @oylwithme
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