H&H Radio: Ballin’ on a Budget ft. Kashlee Kucheran

On this episode, author & traveler Kashlee Kucheran shares her best tips & hacks to literally ball on a budget and travel the world ONLY using what you truly need… Learn how she:

  • Sold 90% of her belongings and went from unhappy to fulfilled and rich in every way
  • Eats healthy on a budget no matter where she is and how she balances health and her travels
  • Lives a minimalist lifestyle while still owning everything she loves
  • Travels the world and makes the most out of the resources she has
  • Shares her best tips from her incredible book which you can grab below: The High Maintenance Minimalist


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About Kashlee:

Kashlee sold her house and 90% of her belongings, to live out of two suitcases and travel the world full time. Collecting experiences instead of things brought Kashlee to author “The High Maintenance Minimalist”, a book all about decluttering and creating a freedom based lifestyle.  Kashlee loves to teach the benefits of minimalism and frequent traveling, and most importantly, living life off the beaten path.
She documents how she stays healthy, positive and driven, all while exploring new countries around the globe on her Instagram @Kashlee_K and her blog “Travel Off Path”
Grab your copy of the High Maintenance Minimalist
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