vegan pesto cauli pizza

Vegan Pesto Cauli Pizza

If you know how much I loved pizza before I went vegan, you know how picky I am about “alternatives” to my old favorite food. 

I miss “real” pizza less than I thought I would and I definitely don’t miss the upset stomach and bloating I used to accept from eating dairy.

There are few vegan pizza options that taste the same – except for places like Screamers or brands like Amy’s that truly mimic the pizza taste without dairy, and I highly recommend trying them out.

THIS specific recipe isn’t meant to try and pass as pizza, for me, it’s a great healthy swap for when I have the craving but still want to keep my meal nutritious. 

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vegan pesto cauli pizza

Here’s what you need:

Here’s what to do:

Bake the cauliflower crust according to the package instructions. Before the last 5 minutes of broiling, top the crust with the pizza sauce, then the pesto in a few spots, then the rest of the toppings. Broil for 5 minutes or until you see the crust turn golden brown. Serve hot and reheat in a toaster oven for the next day. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures when you make this – I think you guys will love this one.

XO – Lupe

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