Natural Anxiety Relief: Why You Need It

It’s no secret that anxiety is the worst and also not a secret that I definitely struggle, but I don’t like to talk about it without a reason to.

For me personally, I feel like I’m in GREAT mental health and still, anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes:

I get it about my career, I had it when I was in school, about my relationships (I feel bad if I don’t talk to someone enough), about where I’m going in life, before a launch, and sometimes even about how I look. Some days, it’s about nothing at all.

The reason I’m sharing this isn’t to go into details on my personal life, but to remind you guys that anxiety isn’t something you can always control and it can get you in a bad place no matter what it’s about.

I’ve done the basics (and you should too): meditate, eat healthy, move, get help, work on yourself always. 

After feeling good with my efforts in those areas, I was still kind of curious about natural anxiety relief. Even when you have a “good” awareness around your anxiety, your body can still react to it while you try and calm yourself down. This is where your heart rate goes up, you get a pit in your stomach, you may even feel light or nauseous.

I’m a BIG believer that nature provides us with so many powerful relaxants, so I wanted any anxiety relief I took to be natural. 

Which brings me to alll of your questions & DM’s whenever I post about this: Ashwaghanda. 

Here’s what it is:

Ashwaghanda is a natural supplement with properties that enhance your mental state, mood, promote relaxation in your body, and help with other issues like adrenal fatigue. It’s made with ayurvedic herbs which (if you don’t know) promote your body returning to it’s natural state of relaxation. The capsules I take are meant to be taken daily (3 pills per serving) and are vegan-safe and third party tested.

Why I chose this one:

I have NOT taken any other brand of Ashwaghanda other than this simply because I feel great on it and I feel good about what’s in it. Someone close to me tried this out before I did and we saw the best results, so I felt like it was safe for me to try out. I like how it makes me feel, which is obviously the most important part.

Normally, with anxiety, I feel it very clearly in my body. After taking Ashwaghanda consistently, it’s a subtle but VERY real shift that I can only explain like this: the thoughts that give you anxiety are still there, but your body is more relaxed and calm, which helps you think more clearly. I still get anxious, but my body responds in a much more positive & relaxed way. I like having the freedom and relaxation to think through whatever is making me anxious, which helps avoid something more serious like a breakdown.

People have asked me about side effects and I haven’t experienced any. No digestive issues, no odd mental side effects, nothing like that.

Obviously this is a personal choice between you and your doctor, but this post isn’t sponsored or promoted. I really just have seen awesome results in my mental health and I know you guys have been asking me to tell you the full story past what I post on IG.

If you want to try some out for yourself, order some here and let me know how you like it. It’s cheap & lasts a month.

Do you have any questions I didn’t answer here? Should I post more about mental health? LMK my loves, I’m happy to share what you want.

If you’re on a roll here, don’t forget to eat for your best mental health too – everything I know is right here. 

Enjoy your day & PLEASE let me know if these help you out.

XO – Lupe

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