How Your Relationship with Food & Your Body Affects Your Biz

HEY guys.

So for a while now, I was thinking to interview someone for this week’s episode to talk about food, how we think about ourselves, and how it affects other areas of our lives (like work).

THEN, I remembered an incredible conversation I had with Lauren from The Real Female Entrepreneur about this exact topic, so why not share it on Healthy & Hustling for anyone who hasn’t listened yet?

I’ve been talking a lot about how we see food, how we treat ourselves & so on because I’m a BIG believer in simply eating MORE REAL FOOD. 

Obviously this is why the Eating for Abs Meal Plan exists – to get you guys real results the easiest way possible. 

So as a killer pep talk to go with the meal plan ( & free challenge here), check out this episode of the Real Female Entrepreneur where we talk alllllll about why we eat, how to take control of how you eat, and how this pattern sneaks its way into the rest of your world.


Comment on my latest post if you’ve had the same experience happen to you with food & other parts of your life – I’m dying to hear your story!!

XO – Lupe

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