No Gym? No Prob.

This summer, I challenged myself to create a fitness routine and stay on top of my game without a gym.

For the longest time, I was suuuuper attached to the idea that having a membership = staying fit. 

There’s nothing wrong with having a gym membership (I’m getting one when it gets cold again), but I knew I was placing a little too much of my success on making it there.

Here’s why: there have been weeks where the gym just wasn’t happening for me, and then I let my habits spiral a little bit. I was making the excuse “well I haven’t made it to the gym so I can do ___ and eat ___.

It’s not a good thought process to have. So this summer, when I moved to Hoboken and started fresh, I decided it would be a good time to separate myself from it and start challenging myself to make less excuses. 

There were two reasons I decided to go the WHOLE summer without a gym:

1 – Some of the girls I help don’t have gym memberships. Fitness can be free and I wanted to make sure my advice to them was really doable and that I could stay motivated on the same tips I was giving them.

2 – I moved to one of the most beautiful places to work out outside. Hoboken has parks, a path with a NYC view, and I have plenty of room inside to do home workouts. Why not see what I could do with that?

Now that it’s almost September, I’m still making it happen and I wanted to share some of the best things I’ve learned from staying on my game without a gym.

Here’s what sucked (or sucked at first):

Being completely self-motivated is a challenge. Investing in a membership gives you an extra incentive to get up and go, so I had to learn how to give myself enough reasons to get up early. I had to learn how to make my fitness essential to my routine. I went to bed early to have enough energy for my 5:55 alarm and remind myself how energized, proud, and GOOD I would feel about myself every single morning.

Working out alone is lonely sometimes. There were times where I wanted to not do a 10 minute Youtube workout because nobody would notice if I decided to just watch TV instead. I had to really find workouts I enjoyed and for my walks outside, I even found a new hobby: listening to podcasts. Doing this by myself actually gave me a chance to learn more about what I actually enjoyed doing (which made me STICK to it).

Here’s what was awesome:

I created a routine that truly worked with my day – by MAKING time for fitness, I had more time for everything else. Getting up early every day (running 3x a week, walking other days) got me motivated and more productive for my work day. Making time for a 20 minute walk after lunch with my podcast on got me RE-motivated to finish my days strong and keep eating well. Doing 10 minute Youtube and Pinterest workouts when I saw the time helped me manage my time better and actually see real toning results in my body.

But here’s the BIGGEST lesson I learned throughout the whole summer:

When your EATING is right, your fitness follows. 

I knew that it would be challenging to stick with a routine my first time without a gym membership, but I also knew that results are driven by your eating. 

So even on days where I didn’t feel like running or walking? I ATE what I knew would make me feel best. 

When I DID work out and wanted to feel proud of my results and toning? I ATE in a way that would help me see those results faster. 

This summer reminded me that you can create a fitness routine from scratch when you decide it’s THAT important to you. There are no excuses when you commit to feeling good. 

It also reminded me that you can be flexible and take days off, letting your gut tell you what works best for you that day. There’s no guilt in listening to your body.

And lastly, it helped me develop my Eating For Abs Meal Plan. Relying on certain ingredients to keep my bloating down, stay full and energized, and SEE real results from the workouts I was doing helped me feel on top of my fitness game ALL summer long.

Even though I’ll be trying out some gyms when it’s cold again because I do love using that to motivate me when it’s too cold to run, I’m so glad I challenged myself to do this.

You can too, if that’s what you need.

To help you make it happen, I’m including a master list of my favorite FREE core workouts as a bonus when I release the Eating for Abs Meal Plan next week.

Along with the workouts, you can expect:

  • FULL 7 Day Eating for Abs Meal Plan
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  • Tips & Hacks for Results & Success
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  • Snack menu & more

The Eating for Abs Meal Plan will be available to ALL VIP members on

If you want to be one of the exclusive members to access the Eating for Abs Meal Plan and get started next week when it’s out, join today to start using the resources already available.

I can’t wait to see you in there.

XO – Lupe

P.S. You don’t just get the meal plan as a VIP member: you access my Recipe Ebook, Guides, Challenges, Printable Meal Planning sheets, Grocery List, & more. 

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