6 Easy Grab & Go Breakfasts

Grab & go, grab & go… Listen babes, I know you’re busy. But guess what?

NOBODY is too busy to take a minute out of their day to think about, plan, or prepare a healthy option for themselves.

I laugh whenever people say their only option in the mornings on the go is something like Dunkin’… I love Dunkin’, but if you’re actually serious about having energy and seeing results for yourself, you’ll make the effort to learn to prep some go-to healthy grab & go’s at home sometimes.

If you have 5 minutes to drive up, order, wait, and eat something from the drive thru, you CAN use those at home sometimes to put together a healthy breakfast on the go.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

And if you’re not a VIP member yet… WYD. I have so many resources on there to help you plan & create easy (QUICK) healthy meals. No excuses.

Now for my favorite options:

Overnight Oats

Oatmeal can be messy even though it’s one of the BEST breakfasts for your energy and metabolism (when you load it up with good toppings). So to make it CLEAN and EASY? Make overnight oats in a mason jar. I’m a big fan of the ingredients in this recipe. BTW – if you’re not following my Foodie board on Pinterest, you’re missing out on hundreds of easy meal ideas AND a giant party.

PB & Healthy Jelly Sandwich

Toast your whole grain bread, spread some un-processed healthy jelly and peanut butter inside, grab, go. I love making this easy jelly in the morning so it’s hot and goo-ey, but you can totally do this the night before. I know pb&j CAN be messy, but my “hack” is honestly just aluminum foil and crossed fingers that it all stays together.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

You want a breakfast that tastes like literal candy, ice cream, or a cinnamon roll? Say no more. I’ve perfected the sweet tooth breakfast game and I am in the BEST mood when I drink this one. Also I don’t use protein shakes or powders… I just feel like if you can get plant protein from something like flax seeds and other toppings, you should. It tastes like an ice cream sundae but it’s really packed with magnesium, plant protein, and healthy fat to keep you full.

Spinach Smoothie

I’m a big advocate for eating as many servings of dark leafy greens as you can in a day. Most people only eat 1 or 2!! That is WILD because ideally, we should be shooting for 6. Shooting for 6. My solution? Put greens in something that will mask the taste easily and still taste sweet. Your abs will thank me later. Try my green power smoothie here. 

Cookie Oatmeal Breakfast Bites

These are SO CUTE, lol. I’m a huge fan of taking random pantry ingredients (and like, a banana that’s going bad) to bake up a healthy, EASY treat for my mornings. Even the healthy chocolate here… I keep a bar of 100% cacao to chop up for cookies and smoothies. This easy 15 minute recipe is one of my favorite snacks from the ebook.

Whole wheat loaded bagel

So I don’t eat bagels often (not by choice, I’m just always trying new recipes so I kind of forget about them). When I do, it’s easy to make some modifications when you’re trying to make it healthier. Whole wheat and multigrain bagels are a thing and are effortless to buy. Sometimes in a rush I’ll throw on some vegan butter, but if I have literally 5 minutes to make a loaded healthy bagel sandwich, I’m doing it. Spread some avocado and stack random veggies you have on hand (maybe spinach, sprouts, hummus, sliced cucumber) to keep it veggie-heavy but still feel like breakfast.

You guys always ask me for easy, fast, quick, healthy recipes and I’m more than happy to list my faves. Just remember that the effort is on you and I know you’ll find some you’re obsessed with on this site so you can start your mornings light, energized, and NOT stressed about breakfast. I’ve got chuuuu.

And in case that’s not enough? You might want to check out the EATING FOR ABS MEAL PLAN I’m about to release. I’ve never been so pumped to share something new with you guys… & that says a lot, haha.

For now:

Join as a VIP member to take REAL easy steps to love how you look, FEEL amazing, see results, and eat what you love. 

Thanks for reading & be on the lookout for a giveaway, a meal plan, & more.

XO – Lupe

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