H&H Radio Ep. 8: Balancing M-O-M & C-E-O, Gratitude, Having it All with Jen Hardie

Ready to have it all?

In this episode, award-winning digital marketing strategist, business coach, best-selling author, podcast host, & mom of 3 spills her best advice on having it all. Jen balances motherhood, health, and running multiple businesses like a boss and this episode will bring you valuable advice whether you want to learn more about balance, confidence, you want to be a hardworking parent, or you already are one. Jen is #momgoals, #CEOgoals, and the definition of Healthy & Hustling. If you’re ready to be one of the million women Jen plans to help by 2020, check it out.

You’ll hear us break down:

  • how Jen makes time for herself, her family, and her health while running multiple businesses
  • how she sets the example for her kids to do the same
  • how to show up for yourself daily and practice confidence even when you don’t feel it yet
  • & our best tips to go on this journey if you’re a talented, ambitious woman who knows she deserves to have it all


Find Jen here & access her powerful programs

Jen Hardie’s Guided Meditation

Jen Hardie’s Life Audit Challenge

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