Losing Weight is a Long Game

I KNOW. If I could have gotten my dream body at the snap of my fingers, I would have.

The reality is that when I was losing 17 lbs, there were tears, struggles, confusing days, & of course times where I wanted to say “screw it”, and give up.

It also took about 6 months… and guess what?

The journey hasn’t stopped. Once you reach a healthy weight, you also have to work to maintain that healthy lifestyle.

But here’s the good news. If you accept that losing weight is a long game, you do it right.

This means in the future, you spend more of your energy maintaining & enjoying your new healthy lifestyle, not being confused on why you’re not seeing results.

If you’re trying to lose weight, I figured I’d share some of my most effective lessons I learned along the way (and also learned from the thousands of women I’ve helped to love their bodies and stop feeling stuck):

Get real.

Don’t buy into the sh*tty diet culture telling you it’s normal to see real results right away. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. When you factor this in with around 3-4 weeks of wiggle room to mess up and take your time, you can make a much more accurate estimate of what your progress can look like.

Your weight goes up and down no matter what the number on the scale is.

I had a “goal weight” for a long time and once I hit it, I thought I’d never see a higher number again. Truth is, my weight fluctuates allllll the time. I had weeks where I didn’t lose a pound, I had weeks where I lost 3-4, I gained 3-4,  I had DAYS where I’d see the number change based on what I ate, drank, and did. I also have coached thousands of people and saw THEIR weight loss graphs. All of the successful ones were full of bumps – it’s the downward pattern over time that matters. The people who let bumps and fluctuations throw them off quit and never saw results. Remember, it’s how you look and feel over time that matters more than the number.

If you’re not building a lifestyle out of it, WYD?

If you make ANY change to your eating, fitness, or routine, you’d better be willing to fall in love with it for life. It’s a waste of your time to try a new “plan” and eat foods you hate for quick results, just to go right back to the lifestyle you had before. You get to be creative and enjoy it if you focus on what makes you feel good.

Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s.

I love getting inspiration from other people, but every time I compared myself a little too much, I stopped feeling good in my journey. I actually became 1000X more confident just by deciding to focus on myself and what made me feel best. Beating myself up for not having someone else’s routine or not looking like someone else was only holding me back.

Eating Right > Fitness

Before the fitness lovers jump down my throat, hear me out. I’ve seen way too many poor girls work up a storm in the gym and not see a hint of progress if they haven’t improved their eating as well. And trust me, I was there too. I used to think some wild things about fitness: that I could “work off” something unhealthy, that I could “make up for it in the gym”, that I could burn x amount of calories and eat whatever I wanted. This was a great example of using rewards and punishments with food and fitness and it was not a healthy pattern. Instead, what I learned to do is make my healthy EATING come first and surprise… my time working out was put to WAY better use. I saw results, I hit my goals, I was actually energized enough to work out. This small shift has also worked for the girls I help. If you’re not sure where to start but are serious about making small, REAL changes to how you eat (without giving up the good stuff), use my step-by-step process to do it in a way that will last.

SO here’s the thing: losing weight can be a long game, but when you do it in a healthy way with a healthy mindset, your results lasting is the REAL long game. 

Have a killer weekend & tell me what you’d LOVE to see next on here…. Recipes or motivation? You LMK.

XO – Lupe

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