Why the Duds in Life Skip Gratitude

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering if I think you’re a dud.

Chances are, you’re not since you’re learning from a blog that helps people make the most out of life & feel good about themselves.

Before I get into the details on why the duds – the floaters of life – skip gratitude, let’s talk about who fits into the category, shall we?

I try not to judge… in fact, my job is to notice people’s strengths and magnify them. Seeing potential is my superpower. 

HOWEVER… I’ve come across plenty of “duds” in life. I also call them floaters or lazies, but basically a dud is someone who floats through life ungrateful, jealous, and STUCK in where they are.

Their eyes are glued to the person ahead of them. They hate the girl with the nice body. They hate the rich guy, they blame their parents or their job or how busy they are for feeling stuck.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, right? The people I help & admire use those hours to move forward: to work on themselves, to get out of debt, to build on their fitness, to make other people happy. They have bad days and they do their best to keep progressing no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you’re “poor”, “overweight”, “unhappy” whatEVER is stopping you from feeling successful, you’re doing the right thing if you’re taking small steps forward every day.

The floaters of life though, use those 24 hours to stalk other people’s success and hate on their lives, to blame others for their challenges, they settle, they surround themselves with other lazies, they don’t aspire to help others. They’re thinking “why me?”, “I could never do ____”, “I don’t want to give up ___”. They make excuses for why other people are confident and killing it in life. “She must be born with that body type”, “I’m sure his dad paid for that”, “People like me don’t get to have _____”.

I don’t know about you, but I feel suffocated if I’m not moving forward. Many of you have reached out to me feeling stuck, wondering if you’re settling in life, or feeling like you can’t move forward with that dream lifestyle or body you’ve been dying to have.

So here’s a little secret: you can practice something anytime, anywhere that will separate you from the “duds” and “floaters” of the world, always:


Believe it or not, the thing that makes people feel STUCK is the idea that they’re not moving forward.

When you use gratitude to PROVE that you’re constantly making progress, you will not feel stuck. You can’t be stuck and moving at the same time, right?

So we use gratitude as evidence that we’re getting there even when life sucks. We use it to prove to ourselves that even on a bad day, we did something to get closer to that goal.

Gratitude works in weight loss, in fitness, in healthier eating, in careers, in relationships, in money, in stress.

Weight loss: “I’m sooooo proud of myself for eating better portions today. I feel light & energized.”

Fitness: “I missed the gym today but I went 4 times today, more than I ever have in a week.”

Eating: “I’m so happy I went out of my way to try a new healthy restaurant guilt-free.”

Career: ” Even though I don’t love this job, I gave 5 people a great customer experience today.”

Relationships: “I’m so grateful to have someone who wants me to be happy in life, even when we fight.”

Money: “I might have spent most of my money on bills today, but I’m healthy and there’s more money to be made tomorrow.”

Stress: “My boss overwhelmed me today, but I’m grateful for my giant bed I can crash in with a glass of wine and movies later.”

Do any of these make you feel stuck? Didn’t think so.

If you can take a few seconds daily to remind yourself of how you’re moving FORWARD, I can promise you  you’re avoiding the #dud life.

You’re killing it. Moving forward, growing, no matter where you are right now.

Anyone else need to hear this today??

XO  – Lupe

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