Stop Feeling Restricted.

What happens when you tell yourself you can’t have something?

You want it 100000X more.

Ever have a boyfriend you kept going back to even though he’s a dud? Ever have food you “can’t stay away from” because your whole life, you called it “bad”? Ever get back into old habits that don’t make you feel good just because you could?

We love breaking the rules.

We’re POLAR humans, meaning that we make all these rules for ourselves and sometimes we have the urge to break them.

When it comes to food though, people have it SO backwards – they think that having more rules will make them weigh less, feel better, binge less, and have more control.

The truth is, we need to take a giant pair of scissors and cut the rules to shreds.

When I went vegetarian and then vegan, I had a hard time with this. I thought I needed alllll the rules and said things like, “I can’t have this, I can’t eat that.” And surprise, I didn’t see results because every meal I ate was centered around what I told myself I couldn’t have.

One day, I realized this SUCKED and I didn’t want to live my life focusing on “good foods” and “bad foods”. (+ more on this here – we break down why good & bad are the worst words to use with food)

So I tried something new: I went through each meal ONLY asking myself what I could eat more of.

More greens? OK great, I made a stir fry with shredded spinach hidden all over it.

More fruit? Awesome, there are 152453 smoothie combos I could try for breakfast.

Craving more carbs? Ordered a whole wheat pasta meal at the restaurant.

People around me were still in the “eat less” mentality and I noticed all of the questions: “How can you stick to eating like that?” “Isn’t it hard?” “Don’t you miss ____?”

Of course I have challenges with this all the time, but they change over time.

If I crave something, I find a way to have it in a way that I CAN FEEL GOOD about.

Listening to what makes you feel good and what you WANT makes you realize that you don’t want the unhealthy stuff as often as you think. It’s not that I miss junk food so much, it’s that I have SO many recipe ideas to try and I want those a little bit more right now.

When I saw the results from living this way: less bloating, 17 lbs lost, more energy to work out, clear skin, feeling good about myself… I didn’t really give anything up, did I?

You don’t have to either.

Think MORE, not less and see what you come up with. As always, if you need ideas LMK below and I’ll help you out. You’ve got it.

XO – Lupe

PS: I’m making a NON restrictive meal plan soon – think NO calorie counting, NO fasting, NO dieting.

If you want in, join the waitlist & be the first to hear about it.

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