Fire Up Your Metabolism (& maybe your taste buds)

Sometimes the answer to your problem is sitting right under your nose… or right in your pantry.

Running out of groceries is the worst because you’re scrambling through your kitchen to find SOMEthing and end up walking to Chipotle and giving up on life. Or is that just me?

One hack I’ve found myself using lately to save time (or if you’re ballin’ on a budget) is using what’s already hidden in my pantry to stay HEALTHY & resourceful when I can’t do a full shop. Healthy & hustling over here.

Even better if this hack revvvs up your metabolism, helps you breathe better, stay well, and is packed with flavor, right?

The key to the metabolism kingdom is in: spices… and to be specific, curry.

Yep. Curry is a low-key BIG player in reducing inflammation, improving immunity, protecting against heart diseases, AND spicy foods give your digestion a little kick. Smells weird, tastes amaaze.

Here are my 3 easy favorites I keep in my pantry and fridge for when I need a little healthy boost in a poorly-stocked kitchen:

#1. RED Curry Paste

My favorite one, the least spicy, maybe a little sweet at times. I’ll mix this with coconut milk, simmer for a few minutes, and combine with cooked veggies, brown rice, sometimes I’ll add it to a soup for some extra flavor and smokiness. My favorite full recipe using this specific flavor can be found right here. 

#2: Seasonality Maharajah Powder

So this one is the spiciest of all the curry flavors I’ve tried, so your taste buds need to be ready. I like this one cooked in a full-fat coconut milk for extra creaminess and you’ll want to put a light touch on top, like the cilantro I used. Simmer for a few minutes ( I used 1/2 tbsp per 1/2 cup coconut milk). Here I cooked it with brown rice and broccoli (two plain foods) because this powder has so much flavor.

The chefs who make this actually sent me a discount code for a free sample of this from their site if you want to try it out: you pay shipping and that’s it. If you’re interested, use the code KINGOFSPICES at at checkout and they’ll send you a 1 oz sample. That’s all you need for major flavor.

#3. Green Curry Paste 

The green curry paste I use is right in between the first two in terms of spice. Here I simmered it with coconut milk for a few minutes, added cooked quinoa, and roasted carrots on the side. It’s still a bit spicy for me, so adding cilantro helped. I’m obsessed with spices and flavors like this.

Any of these meals can be made with random ingredients you have laying around – as long as you stock some curry paste and coconut milk in your pantry, you can still keep it healthy when your groceries run low.

I’m making some new recipes ( & a meal plan) so soon for you guys! But I need to know what you LOVE to eat. So LMK – ingredients, meals, healthy swaps you’d love to see. Enjoy these soon!

XO – Lupe

PS. – Imagine knowing exactly what to eat to beat bloating, feel incredible, & actually enjoy healthy eating.

Oh, & you can still have allll the other foods you love too. Get started here. 

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