Cheat Sheet for a Killer Monday

It’s about damn time.

Idk if you’re a scatter-brained person like me, but when I wake up on a Monday, I either feel SO lazy and can’t drag myself out of bed… OR, I feel the stress rush through my body and start thinking of allll the sh*t I have to do that day. 

Oh, & that’s just work – there’s still working out, eating well, checking in on people I love, time for myself, you know the deal.

BUT… I’m dramatic, and chances are you might be, too. 

I said it! We’re dramatic about Mondays because the reality is that we’ve GOT it, we just need to chill out and take it one step at a time.

I’ve made a few moves to get sh*t done on Mondays. Not just get sh*t done, but do it in a GREAT mood and feel my best along the way.

So why not spill the deets for my H&H fam?

Long story short, if I’m doing these things on Monday, I’ll call it a good one. Go easy on yourself & get sh*t done the smart way:

The to-do list only matters if you DO it. 

Over-achievers love a good to-do list. Over-achievers can also look at that list and get overwhelmed, procrastinate, NOT do half of it, and then beat themselves up after. Guiltyyyyy.

SO, take that to-do list and prioritize it. Here’s how I break mine down: I get my top 3 things done before answering any messages, checking emails, or stopping for a work break. Those are the essentials. THEN, I’m motivated from getting my top items done, which helps me focus better later with less overwhelm.

Batch your TIME.

You’ve heard hundreds of people say this, but have you started yet? Time batching takes practice. You don’t have to have your whole schedule down to the minutes, I don’t.

You start with an hour here and there. This hour is ONLY for answering emails and then I don’t touch them. You batch your workouts. During these 20 minutes, my phone’s away and I’m sweating. You set an hour aside ONLY for calling your family bc work/life balance. After dinner, I’m not watching TV until I catch up with ___. 

Eat for energy.

It’s all in here. 

Narrate your day the right way. 

You know the voice in your head that’s your own personal narrator? They can be hard on you sometimes. You don’t need to be a machine all day, AND you don’t need to beat yourself up if you don’t make it to the workout, or if you didn’t get alllll your sh*t done. Better to be ambitious, right?

Changing the way I talk to myself is one of the biggest changes I’ve made to the way I start my week and go through it. Focusing on the wins, focusing on what I DID do well, focusing on enjoying the day just as hard as I’m working.

Here’s the thing: my list for a killer Monday isn’t long, and yours doesn’t need to be. 

If you’re being easy on yourself when your goals are ambitious, if you’re practicing balance, if you’re doing as much as you can to feel good, you’re going to be juuuuuuuust fine.


Enjoy your Monday and if you need more:

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+ Staying motivated, reframing negativity, & being your best self

XO – Lupe

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