Hangovers, though

This is NOT for the hangover where you get to stay in bed until 4 and order Chinese at 5. We all have those, but there’s no recovering from those.

This is for the hangover where you WANT to actually get up and get your life going. 

I can’t promise you’ll feel great, but my best hacks on looking & acting like a real person after going out the night before can come in handy when you need them.

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The DETOX Drink

What do you need the most when you’re hungover? To get those TOXINS out of your body ASAP. Your body knows how to detoxify itself, except you didn’t help much when you literally poured toxins into it. But it’ll be OK, there are a couple ways to enhance the process.

Drink a glass of water with lemon juice, a pinch of Himalayan pink salt, a tbsp of ground flax seeds. The lemon juice & salt will provide electrolytes and the ground flax seeds boost your digestion and help you break down what you ate/drank.

IF YOU’RE BRAVE / NOT NAUSEOUS: put a splash of apple cider vinegar in there. It’ll make a difference.

Electrolytes when you have the shakes

Sometimes you get nauseous or lose your appetite the morning after a night out. You could also get the shakes and feel weak. One thing I always try to eat is a fruit high in electrolytes so that you get hydration, the electrolytes, but also the sugar your body is craving without the crash.

Strawberries, bananas, mangos, watermelon. If you really can’t eat, keep drinking that lemon water.

This one sucks but it wakes you UP:

When you shower, do what you normally do until the very end… If you’re brave enough, this hack will wake you up BIG time and it acts like a “reset” button on your hangover.

Take a shower in the temperature you like, and at the end… turn it to freezing for at least 5 seconds. 

I know, you hate me. BUT. Cold temperatures activate your brain and entire body in a way that few things can. So when you’re sluggish and hungover, it’s like an electric shock to your whole body that lets you breathe again when you get out. Just try.

The 10 minute walk

You don’t have to get up and act like you’re ready to take on the day, but walking activates your brain and improves your mood and energy, which are two things that alcohol depresses. When we try to deal with hangovers, you have to think of ways to REVERSE the symptoms you’re feeling.

You wake up miserable and tired? Do the thing that makes you happier and energized – walk for at least 10 minutes.

Let’s be real. Don’t expect yourself to want to do a full checklist in the AM when you feel like crap, which is why this list isn’t 10 steps long.

Start practicing these on hungover days when you need to get your life together and LMK when you’re ready for more.

Good luck 😉

XO – Lupe

Don’t forget to access your full HEALTHY ALCOHOL GUIDE here for my best drink recommendations and why I choose or avoid certain types of alcohol.

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