Make It Happen: 8 Ways to Kill it on a Monday

Happy Monday babes, let’s get right to it.

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE feeling like you started the week on a healthy note. Mondays are usually when our motivation is highest, so why not ride it out and set the tone for the rest of your week?

Maybe you’re motivated to really commit to healthier eating this week. Maybe you’re motivated to make it to the workouts you have planned. Maybe you want to stick with making choices that are going to get you closer to that version of you that you always think about.

The ONLY 2 things that will get you there are ACTION + CONSISTENCY. 

It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes if you’re taking small actions for yourself, and you’re taking them as many days in a row as you can. That goes for weight loss, toning, fitness, happiness, career, mental health, you name it. (More on action & staying motivated here)

SO, if you need a little inspo on this Monday, let me tell you my favorite ways to mix & match REAL healthy actions for myself to start the week off right:

Decide on your morning mantra.

You get to decide whether it’s going to be a good day or not. Even on my WORST mornings – let’s say I wake up sick, or maybe I couldn’t sleep – I know that I’m in control of how my attitude goes. You can either go through your morning and make the effort to notice all the GOOD things going on, or you can complain and say you started off on the wrong note. I know which choice sounds better to me. Sometimes I like listening to meditations in the morning and practicing affirmations or mantras that keep me in a good mood the more I say them. “Today’s a good day”, “Good energy is everywhere”, “I”m thankful for ___”.

Fuel (and nourish).

There’s a CLEAR difference for me when I wake up and decide to nourish my body vs. when I wake up and decide to have junk in the morning. The key here is to make sure you actually like the food you’re nourishing yourself with. I know I say this in every blog, but I’ll say it over and over until we stop thinking that healthy = boring or not delicious. I know my favorite fruits & tastes that get me excited to eat healthy, so I incorporate them into most of my breakfasts and get creative from there. Smoothies, scrambles, toasts with the best toppings, I always make sure it’s tasty AND packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, plant protein, healthy fats, and some sweet natural sugar.

+ 30 easy healthy recipes to fuel & nourish your body here

Pick your 7 things

I must have heard this tip a hundred times from everyone I want to be like in life: great entrepreneurs, coaches, people who are living their best lives. SO many of them go by this tip every day and you can too, no matter what you’re doing in life. Here’s how it’s done: you pick the TOP 7 things each day that will get you closer to your goal (whether that’s in health or work or anything) and you make those 7 things your priority. They come before anything else in your day. Even better if you number them in the order of how important they are to you. This becomes your to-do list for the day. Instead of using my work example, I’ll show you how I would use this for a day where I want to be as healthy as I can: 1. Run in the morning for 20 minutes. 2. Make a healthy breakfast of a favorite smoothie. 3. Stretch & do a quick Youtube workout in between work tasks before lunch. 3. Make a plant-protein filled salad for lunch & prep healthy snacks for the afternoon. 4. Go for a walk + listen to a podcast. 5. Pick a dinner option that will leave me feeling light & use a food I can get excited about. 6. Stop doing work-related things after 7pm to keep my stress levels down. 7. Set an alarm and get ready for bed by 10pm.

Take ACTION on the top 3 before you take a break

If you want to feel like you’re killing it even MORE on a Monday, try this. Whatever the top 3 things are for you on your list, power through them as early as you can in the day. This way, by nighttime, you can look back & say you DID complete the most important parts of your day early on. Taking ACTION is what keeps us motivated. When you take 3 powerful actions for yourself first thing in the morning, it snowballs into healthier choices all day.

Learn something that will push you forward.

If I don’t learn something NEW each day, I feel like a dud. I feel stuck and I feel uninspired. Lately for me, I’ve been listening to podcasts to get that learning in if I’m on a walk or doing boring things at home like cleaning. Right now, my favorites are The Skinny Confidential (health & living your best life), the Angie Lee Show (marketing + authenticity in business), Gary Vee (bc he’s the best) and Tony Robbins (bc he is also the best). Oh, and I guess if you want to check out Healthy & Hustling Radio you’d learn something new about health & motivation too ;).

Do something nice.

Not for yourself, even though we like that too. I have a strong belief that if you go through a day without making someone ELSE’s life better, you wasted your day. You can do things for yourself all day long, but there’s no point unless you can take all of that good energy and bring it to someone else. I try to do this through this blog and give you guys tips for free, or helping people who reach out to me on Instagram, or creating something new for my VIP’s. Of course, there are chances to do something nice outside of my business too and the more I do, the better day I have. You could even put this one in your top 7.


In my opinion, the chances of you having a killer Monday are 1000000% better if you can sweat. Not only will you release endorphins that improve your mood, but you feel accomplished, you feel energized, AND you snowball healthy choices for the rest of the day. Meaning that you’re increasing the chances that you feel good ALL day long. I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes or an hour, MAKE the time to sweat at some point today. It’s easy to go through the day and say you don’t have time, but you do. You might just need to re-think your priorities and shuffle them around until sweating gets the effort you deserve.


You can have the BEST day ever, but if you don’t take the time to acknowledge how great things are going, what’s the point? You can make all the healthy choices in a day, but if you don’t make an effort to celebrate your wins, you won’t feel like you’re making progress. You can make it to the workout, make the healthy meal, whatever, but if you’re constantly worrying about the NEXT thing, you won’t feel motivated at all. Anytime you do something good for yourself, or if something great happens to you, ride it out! Let yourself feel motivated + inspired to keep the good vibes going. Oh, and if you’re having a shitty day, gratitude is your best friend. It’s even MORE important to use gratitude to get through a bad day than it is on a good day. So if you haven’t practiced gratitude today, wyd?

SO there you have it, no excuses today.

If you’re committed to starting your week on a killer note, mix & match these easy ways to make it happen.

OH, and if you need a pep talk on your way home from work before the gym, check out this one with my favorite life coach where we cut the BS and show you how to stay motivated & killing it. Happy Monday, babes!

XO – Lupe

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