Grocery Hacks You Need This Week

I think I need to stop drinking coffee before I go grocery shopping because I get a litttleeee bit too excited.

I’m a foodie to my core, even though yes, this blog is fun and I create recipes FOR you, this is really what I eat – all I have to do is document. I love to cook, I love making it easy, I love making it healthy, I love taking pics, I love to eat. lol.

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So I guess if you’re a psycho foodie like me I will always have your back, but if you’re a normal person just looking to eat a little healthier, you’ll always have a place here too.

Before I share the hacks I use to keep my grocery shopping healthy, affordable, and easy, I should probablyyyy point out some mistakes I’ve also made so maybe you can avoid them.


  • Following a grocery list you didn’t edit & buying tons of food you won’t use this week. It’s tempting to get it all, but you’ll be overwhelmed if you overdo it and start wasting food.
  • Restricting yourself to only healthy food because we all know treats have to be part of the equation if we want this to really work.
  • Not trying anything new each week to keep it interesting
  • Not planning actual meals or at least having an idea of what you’ll cook that week. The worst is when you have all these ingredients and no idea what to do with them.
  • Going to the grocery store hungry
  • Going to the grocery store with no idea in the world of what you’ll get. Don’t get sucked into the vortex like that.

SO with those out of the way, here are my best hacks to not waste food, get the most for your money, and start with a healthy foundation. Get your pen & paper out and brainstorm. 

OH. And if you want the FULL GROCERY LIST I use every week, download it here. All ingredients on one printable page just for you my love.


Most of you are reading this because you want to eat healthier, reach a healthy weight, or get into a great routine. All of those goals can be reached by starting out with MORE greens in your day. So what I like to do is pick 4-5 essential veggies that can be used in a few different ways and get some meal ideas going for them. For example, spinach = stir frying, tofu scrambles, smoothies. Broccoli = roasting, stir-frying, curry. Spring mix = my daily salad. Red cabbage or raddichio = salads, stir-frying, garnish, etc. Now you know that maybe a few meals this week can be salads, stir fries, curry, roasted veggies. Great place to start.


Now for the fruits. I personally love to have a fruit as part of breakfast and then snack on some later in the day. So I only pick fruits that make sense and that I know I’ll use. I love smoothies, so bananas. I eat toast with healthy fruit jelly & peanut butter, I eat oatmeal bowls, so berries. I like to snack, so grapes and maybe oranges or mangos. I drink lemon water, so that’s easy. Anything else is either a treat or me trying something new.


Now that you have an IDEA of what some meals will be this week, which grains, nuts, etc. do you need for those specific meals if you don’t have them already? For a stir fry, I’d need brown rice. For my salad, I’ll need quinoa. For my breakfasts, I’ll need flax seeds, cacao nibs, nut butters. Oils and spices I usually already have, but do a double check.


My general rule is to pick about 3 healthy snacks that I can pick from all week. That way you KNOW there are healthy options around, right? Mine are usually a flavored hummus (this one is what I got this week), multigrain chips, a cucumber or peppers to chop and dip in the hummus, and then avocados to make guac and add to salads. THEN once I have the healthy options, I’ll try something new also, (usually more processed) like the quinoa puffs I tried this week or a new flavor of popcorn.


I always base condiments off the meals I have plans for. So maybe a soy sauce for the stir fry. Creamer for my iced coffees. A clean dressing I enjoy for the salads. But usually those are already around, and are the last thing I double check after I have some meals planned.


Finally, the indulgences! Guys. Please don’t restrict yourself and try to never snack at home again on something unhealthy. What would be more effective is if you pick 1-2 and have them around, so you KNOW you’re going to indulge a couple times and can plan ahead for it. Do what you know how to do: enjoy it, savor it, stop when you’re full, and feel good about it. For me, that might be an ice cream, wine, or a vegan meat alternative if I’ve been craving something like a burger or chicken nuggets. Do what you’ve gotta do, girl.

SO check out some of the meals you thought of when planning this way. Notice that you automatically thought of veggie-based meals. Isn’t it easier to START with a stir fry that includes veggies instead of planning some elaborate pasta meal and THEN trying to figure out how to add more greens?

At least, that’s what works for me.

If you’re feeling good and want my full grocery list, you can download it here and print it out.

For more hacks like this, you can also try the weekly health planner and how to create a balanced plate.

These are skills you need to make your healthy eating last, feel in control, and love how you feel. I hope these hacks help you out and if you want more, just say the word.

XO – Lupe

DON’T FORGET: Download your FULL Healthy Grocery List right here for more ideas. 

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