SHEDDING LAYERS: Why You Need a Life Detox.

First things first, I love a good detox. 

There’s something SO therapeutic about cleansing. I’m also SO dramatic about cleansing, I’ll drink a glass of water and tell the world that I’m on my cleanse.

Most of you know I’m a big fan of cleansing with food – not crazy shakes or detoxes – REAL, clean, whole, unprocessed food that cleanses your body naturally and better than the fake sh*t.

What we DON’T remember is that there’s no point in cleansing your body all the time if you’re also not willing to throw the garbage out in your LIFE, too. 

This week, I’m eating super clean and basically going on a real food cleanse – I mapped out the whole week in my Weekly Health Planner – because I’ll be at the beach this weekend and want to feel as good as I can.

While I was getting ready for a week of healthy meals, clean snacks, you know the deal, I wanted to do something different this time that I always forget to include when I cleanse.

I wanted to do a LIFE detox at the same time. 

There’s so much noise out there: people, social media, foods, ideas, negative thinking in your own head… Sometimes it feels like you need to re-evaluate and make sure that alllllll of those things around you are getting you closer to YOUR. BEST. SELF.

Because if they’re not, you’re not your best self. You’re stuck, you’re unhappy, and you’re not who you are MEANT to be, whatever that is.

So even though I’m happy enough, I notice the noise and thought I’d show you guys a few ways I detox my life every once in a while…


We’ll talk about other people in a sec, but there’s no shot you can cut someone out of your life before you take a long, hard look at yourself first and notice where the B.S. is. That’s fair, right? Negative people/energy are all around, but the first thing you’re in control of is you.

Here’s what that looks like for me right now:

Where am I too hard on myself? Where am I too easy and making excuses for myself? Where am I not working hard enough? Where am I working TOO hard? Am I allowing negative people too close to me? Am I spending too much time doing things that are a waste of time? What am I scared of? What’s stopping me from acting the way I WANT to be acting?

For you, that could look similar. Cutting through and bringing awareness to YOUR unhelpful behaviors and thoughts is the first step. When you know what those are, you ask for help. You reframe. You take the first steps to change that thought or behavior.


Ahhhhhhh the energy suckers. I know for a fact that as soon as you read this, your very own list of energy suckers is going to come to mind. Who are they? How are they sucking your energy?

For me, here’s what it looks like when I’m in life detox mode:

I go on a week-long unfollowing spree. The reason it takes a week is because I start strong going down my social media and unfollowing people who I don’t speak to, don’t know, don’t care to see, or who give me bad energy. Bad vibes, make me feel bad, whatever you want to call it. But that gets boring after 25 minutes straight, so throughout the rest of the week, I make it a point to actively hit”unfollow” everytime something on my feed makes me think, “IDC”. “Who is this?” “Why tf am I following this person”, etc.

At the same time, I also go through the REAL life energy suckers. Am I spending too much of my good energy on friends who suck it out of me? Am I allowing people to take advantage of me? Am I judging, jealous, or comparing myself too much?

If someone else is an energy sucker to me, I either end the friendship and communicate that, or I’ll nicely just talk to them less, say “no” more, or whatever feels most comfortable/appropriate for me. Don’t be a d*ck, but protect your own energy. 


This just means I literally go through my apartment and get rid of things I don’t need. I did a HUGE de-clutter right before I moved so I am THRIVING on the fact that my apartment is pretty minimal and only contains things I use often right now.

For you, it’s probably the same. Maybe it’s a big clean, maybe you just reorganize. Make sure your space is something that makes you happy. 

BTW – there’s a whole chapter on this in the BossBabe Wellness Guide I wrote. It’s that important.

The last tips I have are on a less “get the garbage out” note and more on a positive note. Because duh, once you get rid of the bad stuff, you make room for the good stuff.


What the f does that mean, LUPE.

Relax, it’s not hard. 🙂 Here’s what I mean by reverse engineer your life:

When I say life detox, I mean we detox all the things that take you away from living your best life, right?

So when we do that, you need to make a plan of what your best life looks like and ONLY do what gets you closer to that. 

Write it out every day until it’s in your blood, seriously. Have a vision of what you want in a year, in 5 years. Whatever that looks like for you, however detailed you want it to be, stick to actions that will get you closer.

If eating healthy will get you the energy you need to hustle towards your dream job, eat healthy. If ending a relationship will make space for a GOOD one, end it. If working 2 jobs will get you the savings to invest in your own business, do that. 

I’m with you, too. Whether it was not buying clothing anymore so I could get my ebooks designed, or not going out sometimes so I could stay up and write content, it never felt like a sacrifice to me because it was necessary to becoming my best self.

So that’s why we do life detoxes. To clear the garbage, to figure out who we are, and to make room for the good stuff – our best selves. 

So that was a long one, you guys. I NEED TO KNOW if you’re going to life detox with me.

Give me some ideas? What are you guys going to get rid of to make room for your best selves?

XO – Lupe

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