How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

HEY guys,

I just had the BEST time in Punta Cana last week and I had so many of you messaging me about what I was eating, if I was working out, etc. … I’m pumped to say that EVEN THOUGH we had buffet meals 3x/day, partied at the beach clubs, and slept in, I got the best of both worlds.

In the past, I saw vacations as this stressful thing that was unavoidable: “Everyone gains weight on vacation”…. Ever heard someone say that and just ACCEPT that their vacation was going to make them feel awful in the end?

Me too. In the past, I used to overeat, not exercise, and then OF COURSE I felt terrible along the way because I was totally disregarding how I would feel. Luckily, after lots of work on myself, I easily ate what made me feel good, exercised when I felt like it, AND indulged on alll the foods & drinks I wanted to.

Here are the BEST tips I can give you around vacations – how to stay healthy, AND how to indulge without giving up at the end:

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  1. Picture how you WANT it to go. 

If you have NO idea how you WANT to act on vacation, imagine how hard it will be to stay healthy! On the other hand, if you think, “Okay I feel good when I have 1-2 drinks, okay I feel proud when I get up and walk on the beach in the morning”, you’ll start to piece together that vision for how you’ll act and you’ll be MORE likely to make it happen.

2. Get a good start to each day. 

You don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn on vacation, but when you DO wake up, make sure you’re choosing to make a few choices that get you motivated to start the day in a way that feels good. Maybe it’s a stretch. Maybe it’s grabbing a fruit plate first thing when you get to the restaurant. Whatever that means for YOU – decide how a successful vacation morning will go before you get up.

3. Have a flexible plan when you go out to eat.

What this means is, have ONE part of your plan be 100% necessary to stick to, and leave the rest open for flexibility. Some examples of this are: “I’ll feel good about my meal if there are veggies on half of my plate.” “I’ll feel good about my meal if I stop when I’m at like 70% fullness and take the rest to the room.” “I’ll feel good if I order a water in between drinks.” See how there’s ONE strong rule, but then the rest is totally up to you and what’s on the menu?

4. Don’t spiral. 

If you make an unhealthy choice, don’t use that as an excuse to say, “screw it”, and keep going. Don’t say that. If you make an unhealthy choice, enjoy it, OWN it, and then for your NEXT choice, pick something that will make you proud.

5. Move and don’t force it. 

You can swim, you can walk on the beach, you can stretch when you wake up, you can check out your hotel’s gym. There are SO many options and I guarantee that if you make a small effort to move on vacation, you’ll be 100X more likely to feel satisfied and proud of the rest of your choices throughout the day.

6. Portions are your friend. 

You can totally try new exotic foods, treat yourself, and care less about WHAT you eat when you’re on vacation. You can also make sure you eat it slowly, stop before you’re full, and eat mindfully so that you don’t OVEREAT. Smaller portions have much less of an effect on bloating, energy, and your overall feelings about a meal if you know you owned it and were super mindful while treating yourself.

I hope these help you prep for your next vacations, babes!

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