How to Separate from Perfection

UGHHHH badass, ambitious women like you can be so easy to overwhelm.

I say this because I get it and sometimes the need to be perfect is crippling. 

Maybe you’re trying to look perfect and act confident, but there are some deep insecurities you’re feeling.

Maybe you’re trying to make your lifestyle seem like you’re loving it all but really, some things are weighing you down like bricks. 

Maybe you’re hustling and trying to make your career everything you’ve been dying for it to be, but some days you just want to cry and give up on it and never work again. 

Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier and really commit to a new routine, but your old habits creep back up on you and it makes you frustrated, confused, & pissed at yourself.

You’re in a cycle that many of us in your shoes are going through, too. We want it all, we want to be great, but sh*t gets HARD sometimes. 

Nowadays, everything is about your mindset, your fitness, your routines, your followers, oh….and happiness is the measure of success nowadays.

But what does that mean when we have body image issues, or anxiety, or compare to other people, or get discouraged, or just fail at something?

It means you can take a huge breath in right now and be thankful you’re a person (and know you’re not alone).

It’s NOT natural to be surrounded by constant images of perfection: perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect healthy routines and people who are confident & look like they have it all together.

It’s not natural, so it feels so awful to us sometimes when we feel like the only one who has some negativity or failure happening to us. 

The challenge here is taking this NON-natural environment we’re in (in social media land) and separating ourselves from the need to be perfect. But I have to warn you, it’s not something you do overnight.

Being authentic to yourself (going easy on yourself, celebrating what IS going well, growing from failures) is something you have to build every day. Accepting that there will be days where you have a mental breakdown and maybe you need to ask for help or slowly bounce back out of it. Accepting that your old habits WILL creep back in, but that’s something to celebrate because you have NEW ones growing to slowly take their place. Accepting that yes, other people look great and live amazing lives, but YOU are the only one that’s in your control.

When we feel the need to be perfect, we really crave control. But what you can do during those times where things suck is giving yourself a little bit of that control back… in a healthy way. But what does that look like?

When you have body image issues, it looks like asking yourself what you CAN do today to treat yourself well.

When you feel like an imposter acting like your life is perfect when it’s not, it looks like asking yourself where you can show more of who you truly are (because THAT will get you the real love in life).

When you feel like you’re overworked or overwhelmed, it looks like taking small but REAL actions to either delegate, ask for help, or move towards what you’d rather be doing.

When your old unhealthy habits start to creep back in, it looks like figuring out why you love those things so much and figuring out how to incorporate them into your lifestyle in a better way. (Here’s an example of that: When you start missing the gym and feeling “lazy”, it’s really because you LOVE giving yourself rest. A good way to get around that is by doing both: rewarding yourself with down time and rest AFTER your next workout).

And for all of these, it’s about asking where you’re being a bit too hard on yourself. 

So PLEASE, spend a few minutes every day making sure you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself, you’re celebrating the wins big time, and that you’re owning your failures because they’re getting you a little bit closer to who you’re meant to be.

If you need my help doing that, I’m all yours if you’re ready to join here as a VIP. We can taco’ bout whatever is going on and get you in a more positive direction if that’s what you need.

You’ve GOT this, girl. XOXO


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

P.S. – Need even MORE of a pep talk? That’s okay, too. Create a healthy mindset with my friend Kait and I right here. 

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