3 Easy Healthy Snacks: Chips, Fruit, Rice Cakes

Working from home means I literally snack all day, so I try to keep them as healthy as possible because high quality snacks are totally fine.

If you know you love to snack, why not just include them as part of your day and plan for it?

These 3 easy healthy snacks are some of the most common ones I’ll eat throughout the day:

1.  Multigrain Rice Cake, Peanut Butter, My Healthy Jelly 

I’ve been loving rice cakes recently because I’m rarely very hungry after my morning workouts, but I know I need to eat something wholesome. This combo helps me get some whole grains, healthy fat, and sweetness in a snack. I use Trader Joe’s rice cakes but I found a similar brand for you here.

My healthy jelly recipe is one of the many in my Healthy & Hustling Recipe Ebook (with more snacks & meals for you).

2. Low Sodium Flax Seed & Veggie Chips, Roasted Salsa

I loveeeeee chips & salsa, but chips with a high salt content make you eat more than you need to AND can make you feel super bloated for hours after. I hate that feeling, so I tried to find a higher quality brand than I was eating before. I’m loving Trader Joe’s Flax Seed & Veggie chips, because they have about 500mg omega-3 fatty acids, which vegans like myself need to get plenty of. They don’t have a high salt content AND are made with veggies. I try a new kind of salsa basically every time I grocery shop, but this one’s pretty great. 

I couldn’t find you guys a direct link to the chips in this picture, but I’m dying to try these next if you want to test them out for me!

3. Mango and Tajín Seasoning:

This stuff is literally BOMB. Tajín is a Mexican thing, so I’ve grown up putting it on my fruit and am still obsessed with it. It’s not really spicy, it just adds a great kick and gets you a little bit more excited to eat fruit when you know it’s about to taste ahhhh-mazing.

You can order Tajín right here and try it out for yourself.

I hope these snack ideas help you find your own high quality snacks and enjoy what you eat.

For more info on how to live your healthiest lifestyle and support from me (plus access to the FB group and every month’s new packages and guides), be sure to join as a Healthy & Hustling VIP member today.

See you in there!


Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach

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