Healthy Taco Night

We LOVE taco night in my apartment and I’ve been dying to show my friends some recipes from my new eBook that’s out!

I’m a big fan of taking recipes we all love and making them friendly to my Healthy & Hustling VIP girls, who are dying to still eat things they love (so that their health journey actually LASTS).

It’s easy to put a healthy spin on your favorite meals, so here’s how we did ours:

Instead of using flour tortillas, we put lettuce on our plates first. This way, you can either use the leaves to wrap your ingredients (like a taco) OR, just to cut and mix with the rest of your meal.

We prepared my popular smoky potatoes as the main filling (FULL recipe HERE).

Potatoes are a great healthy/vegan filler for tacos because you can season them exactly like you’d season meat and it’ll still have a smoky taste and tons of flavor. It’s a great crunchy filler for this healthy meal.

As sides, we added corn, quinoa, salsa, hot sauce, beans, and guacamole. 

My favorite EASY guac recipe can also be found HERE. 

Notice how there was plenty of food on our plates and tons of colorful toppings. There was no calorie counting and no restriction on such a healthy meal. 

This was a hit and my roommates were huge fans, so I’m excited to share it with you guys.

How do you make healthier versions of your fav indulgent foods??

For more easy healthy recipes, don’t forget do download your Healthy & Hustling Recipe Ebook and get started on your healthy eating.

Thanks for reading & cheers to your health!


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

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