My New Workout Routine

I thought it would be a good idea to update on my new workout routine since it’s SUMMER now and it’s important for you to let your routine be flexible as your life changes (like mine did).

Before I moved to Hoboken, my workout routine was like this: 

  • Walk on incline 3x/ week
  • Run for 20 mins 2x/ week
  • Weight training 3x/week
  • Random yoga classes less than once a week

I was loving it because I’ve never had a solid weight routine going, but in May we decided to move to NJ.

This is where it gets tricky for people sometimes. 

Life changes happen and we can SO easily start making excuses. “I’ll never have time, work is too crazy, things are insane with the move right now.”

I probably would have said all of those things a few years ago.

But now as a business owner and someone who NEEDS to be happy, I recognize exercise as such a vital piece of that. Exercise just can’t be the first thing to go when life changes a bit.

SO, here’s my new workout routine:

  • Every morning at 6:30-ish, do a 3 mile run/walk around Hoboken and the beautiful path we have next to the river.
  • I come home and do either a weight workout from Kayla Itsines’ BBG programs OR a quick Bloglates video, depending on how much time I have
  • I stretch for a few minutes as well
  • At nights OR on days where I can’t do this workout, I do a yoga flow on my own for however much time I have.

Basically, I just need to exercise in the mornings to make sure I start the day off on a great note.

It’s also pretty important to say that there are plenty of days where this doesn’t happen.

I don’t guilt myself anymore, I move on and get excited about my next workout. 

The thing that actually lets me miss workouts guilt-free and not see a fluctuation after a few days of not working out is how I eat.

If you’re eating high-quality foods AND doing so consistently, you’ll make the most of the workouts you do and keep an awesome body throughout time periods where your workouts change or slack sometimes.

This combination of a consistently high-quality eating routine and flexible workouts is perfect for me.

If you’re looking for a similar routine, want to eat in a way that helps you make the most of your workouts, or just want some new healthy high-quality foods like the ones I eat daily, you’re going to love the Healthy & Hustling Recipe Ebook I’ve just put out for you guys.

Everything I eat on a regular basis as a health coach is in here and I wanted you to have access to the easy recipes I use to stay happy and healthy.

Hope you LOVE it babes!

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