How to Stay Motivated Over the Weekend

Do you ever feel like you’re SO healthy during the week… and then “ruin it” on the weekend?

Going out to eat, exercising less, drinking, brunching... the whole 9 yards.

All of this is fun, but if you’re the kind of person who feels bad about all of this and then feels guilty when Monday starts, it can be a pretty harmful cycle to fall into.

We beat ourselves up on weekends sometimes because we expect our routines to stay the same, but if you do it right, you can enjoy yourself AND stay totally motivated all through Monday.

What if you did AMAZING over the weekend AND felt strong & motivated on a Monday?

Some of these tips are mental, some are real actions you can take for yourself so that if you’re trying to stay healthy, you never feel like you “ruined it” again:

  1. Stop expecting your weekend to look like your weekdays. You have SUCH a great routine on the weekdays, which is helpful for your motivation, but you’re setting yourself up for failure if you expect the weekends to look identical. Maybe you DO like to workout more on the weekends. Awesome. But if you’re juggling many events, people, places (oh… and sleep!), you need to start by giving yourself some flexibility in what you’re expecting it to look like.
  2. Get real. AFTER you give yourself a reality check and decide that weekends can be their own separate thing when it comes to eating healthy, decide what you DO want yours to look like. Maybe you don’t wake up at 7 for a run, but maybe you DO prepare a healthy brunch for yourself after you sleep in. Maybe you don’t make it to the gym when you’re hungover, but maybe you DO ask your friend to go on a nice walk with you on Sunday night. When you know what you want and are realistic, it’s easier to stick with your plan.
  3. Make it fun! Do you and your friends love brunching on Sundays? Do you go out to eat more on weekends? Awesome… Those fun things don’t need to throw you off from your healthy routine if you make them a PART of it. Check some menus for options YOU feel good about. Have a glass of water in between mimosas and walk around town afterwards.
  4. Pick physical activity that you truly enjoy. It doesn’t seem like a chore if you schedule your favorite workout class on a Sunday to recharge before a big week ahead. You probably don’t need to force yourself to walk around your town at sunset to catch up with one of your friends. “Exercise” on weekends can get a bad rep if you’re not used to it yet, but it just means you haven’t found what you LOVE. (For more ideas… use your Movement Menu in the Wellness Guide I wrote you!)
  5. Lastly, get rid of the idea that weekends=unhealthy. Sometimes we mentally set ourselves up for failure because we think the weekend makes us automatically throw our hard work off the table. If you let yourself enjoy the process and just do what makes you feel good on the weekends (just like I tell you to do on weekdays!!), you’ll have a much easier time.

You’ve GOT this!!

So with that, enjoy your weekend.

For extra help & motivation (think: guides, planners, downloads, health classes you can watch anytime….), be sure to join as a Healthy & Hustling VIP member to go on your health journey at your own pace.

So with that, enjoy your weekend.


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

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