Losing Weight at Your Own Pace

Let’s pretend you’re on Instagram right now, scrolling through your feed like you normally do.

You see some delicious food pics, you see some people living their best lives and looking amazing while doing so.

And, in the words of many of us (and lots of the girls who describe their “starting place” to me):

Why can’t I be like that?”

“Why can’t I look like that?”

“I could never stick to that workout routine…”

“I can’t stick to eating that way!”


Comparing yourself to other people is such a natural feeling… most of the time, it’s the FIRST feeling we get. Unfortunately, our first response to other people doing well or looking great is sometimes negative. Instead of being happy for them, we get jealous, insecure, and discouraged.

Even though we KNOW that people may have worked super hard to get there, they might have struggles of their own, and they might have insecurities of their own… we do it anyway.

So, here’s the thing. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever totally stop feeling this way. What IS likely (if you try) is that you’ll correct yourself, move on from that thought, practice complimenting them, and then check yourself to see if you’re doing things at YOUR pace.

Here’s what that means:

You don’t guilt yourself for having a cookie because you saw someone else eating a salad today.

You don’t give up on your weight loss goals because you think you can’t look like someone else… You focus on how YOU can realistically grow and look the way YOU want to.

You don’t compare what you “get to eat” to what other people “get to eat”… I used to coach people who said this all the time. “Other people get to eat______ and I don’t.” This is called a scarcity mindset, meaning you think there’s not enough for you or that everyone else gets more than you. Focus on the food that you WANT to eat, that makes you feel good.

You celebrate YOUR wins. Did you lose 2 lbs? Did you fit into something way better than you used to? Did you compliment yourself? Did you stick to some healthy meals this week? If you don’t celebrate your wins as they come, you won’t celebrate the big ones later on.

And finally, you accept that this is for life! Would you rather lose weight quickly but do it wrong and be in that cycle for years? OR… Would you rather lose weight at YOUR pace, then maintain it for years because you did it right, and then learn to build your best lifestyle as you go?

I know which one I want, and I want that for you too.

So thanks for reading this little pep talk and get started on YOUR healthiest day, at your own pace.

If you’re READY to go on your journey at your own pace and aren’t sure where to start, you’re going to be obsessed with the VIP package I released in June: Healthy Weight 101.

In this package, I walk you through a masterclass that includes the foundations of reaching a healthy weight, common mistakes people make, the right steps in the right order, what to eat and what to avoid, and more.

You’ll also be able to download your meal prep guide, weekly health planner, balanced plate guide, and get tips on breaking a weight loss plateau.

So are you in?

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See you in there soon!


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

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