6 Ways to Stay Healthy While Going Out to Eat

I used to DREAD going to restaurants when I was trying to lose weight. I felt like I was about to ruin all my hard work because no matter what I ordered, I didn’t feel good about it.

I felt like everything was too many calories, too much grease, and everyone around me got to eat whatever they want. That feeling SUCKED because I just wanted to have it both ways… Where I could still enjoy my meals out, but remain at a healthy weight.

I know many of you feel that way too, but luckily I learned how to really have both. One of the most common challenges/goals my VIP’s tell me they have is feeling like they can do well at restaurants and feel like their choice didn’t throw them off their weight loss journey.

It’s totally possible to feel AMAZING about your choices when going out to eat. The key is to plan and be flexible.

Here are my favorite tips you can mix & match from when you’re trying to stay healthy while going out to eat:

  1. Pick 1 or 2 “Rules” before you go that will help you stay on track but also give you flexibility to pick something you truly LOVE. For example, “I’ll feel good if I take some of my meal home for later”… “I’ll feel good about this meal if I choose a dish that has veggies in it”.
  2. Pick something GREEN. There are so many amazing options for us when we go out to eat. When you make it a point to choose something green, even if there are other things on the plate, you know you can fill up on veggies and let yourself slowly eat the rest.
  3. Try a healthy swap if it’s available. Do they have whole wheat bread instead of white? How about a vinegar-based dressing instead of a creamy one? Little swaps here and there make a difference in the long run.
  4. Dressings, cheeses, sauces are great on the side. Even though someone else is preparing the food for you, you can feel in control of the ingredients highest in fat and decide how much you really want to eat (and with dressing – a little goes a long way!)
  5. Try something new. Boring does NOT equal healthy! When you take that idea out of your head, you’re more open-minded to actually trying a new dish and savoring the fresh ingredients.
  6. Portion, portion, portion. The easiest way to control your portions is to eat 2x as slowly as you usually do, FULLY enjoy every bite, and stop when you’re about 75% full. You won’t feel as bloated and you’ll feel MORE satisfied after a meal, no matter what it is.

Remember that you don’t need to be perfect, but you do owe it to yourself to make eating at restaurants work with the healthy lifestyle you want.

(For more guidance on healthy eating while out to eat, you might want to use your Wellness Guide – there’s a whole chapter on this!)

If you’d like my personal help while learning to enjoy healthy meals out to eat, be sure to join as a Healthy and Hustling VIP and you’ll be able to ask me questions and use our group to get healthy ideas.

Which one of these tips can you start practicing now? Plan it out and enjoy your next meal out to the fullest.

Thanks for reading & talk to you soon!


Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach

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