5 Reasons You Might Struggle With Healthy Habits

It’s no surprise to me that MOST people have a really difficult time sticking with healthy habits.

After coaching thousands of people through healthy weight loss, the patterns became clear to me and it was always the same ones.

Luckily, my job is to catch those patterns and show you how to get around them!

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Here are 5 reasons you might have trouble sticking with a healthy routine (and how to get past it).

  1. You have no idea what you want.

Okay, that’s a lie. You kiiiiiind of have an idea of what you want. But your goals aren’t nearly clear enough. Saying “I want to lose weight” is great, but WHY? How? What habits do you need to make it happen?

Here’s what to do about it: Get crystal clear and map it ALL out before you change anything. Know how much weight you want to lose, what habits you need to practice to make it happen, and which healthy meals can help you get there. Use your free health coaching class if you need my help setting your first health goals.

  1. You’re starting all of your habits at once.

Go one at a time!! I know you want to rush, but don’t. Wouldn’t you rather really focus on one habit at a time, make them REALLY stick and feel easy, and never have to start over again? I know I would. It requires patience, but it’s worth it.

  1. You’re worrying about “missing out”.

The biggest excuses I hear from people who haven’t hit a health goal have to do with missing out. They think they have to “give up” foods they love, or that everyone else gets to eat something they like, or that they need to restrict themselves to hit their goal. While you DO need some discipline to be healthy, it doesn’t have to suck. You get to choose your mindset. Are you going to focus on what you don’t get to do, or what you DO get to do?

  1. You’re not listening to how you FEEL.

Your body really wants to feel good. Like REALLY, really wants to feel good. Sometimes we feel like we have to force healthy habits, but make the effort to listen and let it be easy. Your body and brain feel amazing after you move. You feel incredible after a healthy meal. So let yourself enjoy that and you’re more likely to keep it up.

  1. You’re comparing yourself to other people.

It’s REALLLYYY hard not to do this, especially with social media taking over our lives and showing us everyone else at their best. But the reality is that your body is unique. Your health journey is unique. It’s not fair to compare yourself to someone else’s eating, fitness, or confidence when you’re totally different people. Stay in your own lane and you’ll be healthier and happier for it.

So if one of these is something you can work on, go after it and make it happen.

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You’ve got this, girl.

-Your health coach,


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