What I Eat in a Day to Prep For Summer // Plant-Based

Preparing for summer is a pretty daunting task if you’re not sure what will get you the results you want:

Weight loss, toning, glowing skin, energy… the whole 9 yards. 

For me, looking great before bikini season is about going back to the basics: foods that are KNOWN to convert well into energy (rather than fat), foods that make your skin glow and your bloating go away. 

Plant-based eating is my jam and here’s an example of what I’ll eat in a day to stay fit and feel my best:

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  • Water w/lemon & 1 tsp ground flax seeds
  • Whole wheat toast with Earth Balance vegan butter
  • Fruit

I looooooove butter. Vegan butter. Is it the healthiest thing? Nah. But it’s the perfect balance for me with a super healthy breakfast. Make sure you incorporate some indulgences into what you eat if that helps you stick to a mostly clean way of eating.


  • Power salad: quinoa, spring mix, avocado, strawberries, cucumber, sprouts, olive oil & red wine vinegar
  • Water with mint, cucumber, lime

I’m obsessed with this salad. I know I post lots of food pictures, but honestly this is the one thing I could choose to eat every day, the same exact thing. You basically get everything you need in a meal that promotes a healthy weight: plant-based protein, healthy fat, natural sugar, dark leafy greens, and water-dense ingredients.


  • Brown rice cooked in veggie broth
  • Red curry sauce
  • Roasted broccoli

I like to keep dinner simple (and early). I usually won’t have a main meal after 6pm, just snacks. That’s the most effective timing for ME because of how I go through my day, and it works when I’m keeping track of my weight.


  • Trail mix
  • Veggies chopped, dipped in hummus
  • Berries

Notice how SIMPLE it all is! You can really make the most of basic ingredients to support a healthy weight. It’s tempting to go on a diet before summer, but I highly recommend just going back to BASIC healthy foods you’re actually EXCITED to eat, and eating based on when you’re hungry and full. Eat as much as your body needs, eat slow, and make it fun.

You’ve GOT this, girl!

Enjoy these ideas and comment if you want more What I Eat posts on here.

– Lupe

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