How to Eat (More) Plant-Based: Class & Downloadable Guides

Happy MAY, babes! This month’s health coaching package includes:

  • 30 minute coaching class: How to Eat More Plant-Based
  • Plant-based Goal Setting Template
  • Challenge: 24 Things to Try if You’re Eating More Plant-Based:
  • 10 Tips to Plant-Based Eating
  • Recipes & Coaching in the Facebook group for Healthy & Hustling VIP’s

Meaning this month’s (first EVER) health coaching class is allll about how to eat more plant-based… Just in time for summer bod season

And all the seasons after that.

You can access your health coaching class and this month’s downloads right here:

  • Coaching Class: How to Eat (More) Plant-Based

Remember to check in with the Facebook group after you check these out and start applying what you learned into your routine!

We’re here to support and give you the BEST ideas possible to help you get started on eating more plant-based.

You’ve GOT this, girl.



All above materials are provided for guidance purposes only and are not
a substitute for independent medical or health advice.

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